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Wellness Guide
Combat Sitting All Day: 1 Minute Exercises for Mind, Body, and Soul
Combat Sitting All Day 1 Minute Exercises for Mind Body and Soul

Movement is life. With our increasingly sedentary lifestyles, many of us are sitting for up to 10 hours a day and moving very little throughout that time. Sitting all day is difficult to avoid as most jobs require a desk and computer. However, with the rising trend of standing desks and scientific research, we are at least becoming more conscious of the impact our lifestyle has on our bodies and minds.

Science has known for a long time that to move is to live, but now that we are becoming increasingly ill due to our environments and lifestyles, the general public is catching on to short exercises and frequent breaks.

The Effects of Sitting All Day


CNN recently reported on an Australian study which detailed the benefits of standing in comparison to sitting. Even without much movement, the difference between getting on your feet and sitting is massive.

A sedentary lifestyle can have many negative effects on our physical and mental health including decreased circulation, interference with oxygen and blood supply, and strains and weakens the skeletal structures and their supportive muscles. Recent studies found a sedentary lifestyle substantially contributes to major health concerns including heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, and premature death.

When we are in motion, our ki energy is flowing through our body with vigor. But when we don’t move much at all, that energy does not circulate as well and we then manifest a dis-ease in the body, which is when we can experience the symptoms listed above.

How to Combat the Effects of Sitting All Day


Taking frequent and shorter breaks to walk around, get fresh air, and give the mind a moment to disconnect from the tasks at hand and rest to recharge.

Although we may not all be able stand up while working, there are other ways to combat the ill effects of a sedentary lifestyle. Taking just one minute out of each hour, over ten hours per day (total of just 10 minutes per day) can help you get your mind right and keep your body active. This not only has immediate positive effects, but over time can actually get you into the habit of moving more in other areas of your life.

What’s the simplest thing you can do to get healthier? Something that you can do right away and start to benefit from it immediately?

Move your body.

One minute exercises are an incredible way to give your body the attention and stimulation it needs throughout the day to keep a sharp mind and fluid energy body. Muscles tend to tighten when sitting all day, especially the neck and hips, and holding this tension in the body can block the flow of ki energy—creating disharmony in the body and making it difficult to properly release stress, manage emotions, and maintain a healthy relationship with yourself and others.

The Benefits of 1 Minute Exercises


Recent studies about exercise found that moving your body vigorously just for one minute have enormous health benefits. This has been the foundation for the trending HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training).

However, there’s more to one minute exercises than just exercising: finding one minute to break out of your habitual pattern and care about your body and yourself. Exercise is a tool to focus on yourself, and taking one minute each hour honors the needs of your body and brain and reinforces your self-love.

Interested in implementing one minute exercises in your life? Stay tuned for next week’s Wellness Guide for a complete rundown of how to transform your life and your health with this method!

Written by Morgan Garza
Morgan is a free spirit, world traveler and a lover of light. She loves to write about and research our inner healing power to help people realize their true potential. An avid practicer of yoga and meditation, Morgan is continuously evolving. She encourages all of us to follow our dreams by taking that first step into the unknown and truly practices what she preaches.
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