WOW! what a great post it is. It is true that our brain has great power to establish anything we want. It can establish various kinds of thought, beliefs and assumptions. We can analyse the things in an exellent way without actually  taking help of any other thing or a person. We just have to believe in our power and work accordingly. It is not at all important that we have to study something irrelevant or different to do so. Power of mind is something which is very much real and natural. It comes from our faith and belief. Our mind is an amazing thing made by god who holds the entire body circulation. Thus, it also consists power of third vision and sixth sense.  Various people have this ability and are considered as psychics and fortune tellers. These people really possess power of mind along with certain supernatural and spiritual powers and beliefs. They cannot be considered as monks or something. They can be trusted and believed as they are the diviner of god and follow their path accordingly. To acheive more information about them website such as can be viewed and visited.