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3 Exercises to Activate Kidney Energy

3 Exercises to Activate Kidney Energy
If you read our last blog about how your kidneys affect your energy, you learned the vital part kidneys play in the Water Up, Fire Down process. The essential takeaway is that ignoring your kidney health stunts optimal energy flow and could lead to many negative effects in your mood and mental state.

Moving your body and engaging in sweat-breaking activities will activate stagnant kidneys most powerfully. However, if you prefer lower-impact exercises but still want to take care of your kidneys well, yoga is a go-to for this—especially our Body & Brain Yoga course. Those who want even easier ways to activate water energy in their kidneys, we’ve got a few specific exercises to help with that.

Rolling Back Exercise

Rolling Back Exercise loosens up tight back muscles along the spine that could be preventing water energy from the kidneys from cooling your head. Get on the floor where there’s carpet, or if you have a yoga mat, we suggest using that. It will be a little rough on your back if you don’t have a soft floor to do this one on. Start by sitting down on the ground, with your feet pointed forward and your butt scooted as close to your feet as possible. Hug your knees then roll onto your back—just up to the top of your shoulders. (Do NOT crunch all the way to the neck!) Rock back to the seated position, and then down again to the shoulders. Continue this motion back and forth for 20 times in a row. This gentle spinal massage will break up the energy blockages along your back and also stimulate the muscles around your kidneys located in your lower back. Afterwards, hug your knees while lying down on the floor and gently rock side to side to massage the kidney area further.

Kidney Tapping

Kidney Tapping is a very simple, but direct routine for activating the kidneys. You can do it anywhere, and it’s best done while standing. Roll your fists into a ball and begin tapping your lower back where your kidneys are. Exhale deeply as you break up the tension and let any heavy energy leave your body through your breath. Repeat this for about one minute. Make sure to tap firmly, but not too hard as to not aggravate your back. You may find it a bit challenging to tap with both hands at once if you carry a lot of tension in your shoulders. If this is the case, just tap one at a time on each side while alternating your arms. Kidney Tapping focuses specifically on the kidney organs themselves, rather than the energy flow they partake in. But, of course, focusing on the organs will have a positive effect on that energy flow. As your adrenal glands are just above the area you’re tapping, this motion will also release tension that causes stress.

Kidney Vibration

Kidney Vibration is a much more involved movement that will use all of your upper body while seated. Keep your feet flat and parallel in front of you and sit at the edge of your chair. Put your hands together in front of your chest in prayer posture and straighten your spine. Keep your feet flat and parallel in front of you, then start by creating a wave-like motion, starting from your lower back pushing out back and forth, through from your lower back to your upper torso. Close your eyes and breathe deeply, relaxing your entire body. Imagine you are working a wave of energy from you kidneys, up your back, and into your head. Keep everything loose, including your head and neck. This fluid movement pumps cool water energy from the kidneys all the way up your back and into your head, making your brain fresh. You should feel a sensation of warmth over your whole back, resulting in a cooler head toward the end of the process. Continue the motion for up to a minute — your whole upper body should flow together as one after you’ve loosened up enough. Keep breathing out any pain or tension you may feel! Your body will loosen up over time, bringing revitalized energy to your kidneys.
Written by Austin Adams
Austin is a writer and creative mind who loves movies, books and anything artistic. Video games are one of his favorite pastimes, along with working out and staying active. He likes to try and maintain a healthy lifestyle, but also loves the experience of trying new food and drink. He's sort of a walking contradiction.
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can chronic kidney disease patient (kidney failure stage ) do this train
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Hi Faisal, these exercises are safe enough to do. Just be careful and don't overdo it or overstretch. If you're very concerned then I would consult your physician first.
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