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Save Your Company From the Cost of Stress in the Workplace

Save Your Company From the Cost of Stress in the Workplace
Employees are reported to be at an all time high with the amount of stress they are facing. Research shows that 8 in 10 Americans are stressed in their daily lives, which eventually leaks into aspects of their life, personal and work. Out of all the stress factors, finances and work are the top two. Stress comes in both emotional and physical forms, including but not limited to headaches, stomach aches, irritability and worry.

Stress is reported to cost the United States more than $300 billion per year! This number was calculated by the following factors: accidents, absenteeism, employee turnover, and lowered productivity. Even though personal stressors are a factor that lead to this stress employees are facing, employers are also accountable for this stress. Since employers are part of the reason employees are feeling stressed in the workplace, this can be easily preventable. When leading your company, look for signs of stressed out employees and take action sooner than later for the good of your company.

Being stated, workplace stress can be avoided when the team works together to come to solutions to solve it. Here is an infographic on tips to manage stress in the workplace. By following these steps, you will most likely see an increase in productivity with your company.

Tip 1: Develop Healthy Stress Responses
Help your team to turn to healthy options when they are showing signs of stress. Ways this can be done is having a team yoga qigong session, or offer plenty of healthy snacks in the kitchen. Offer tea and coffee to motivate your employees.

Tip 2: Set Clear Goals and Expectations
It is important to communicate to every employee what you would like to expect from them and goals that they should be reaching. This can be done with a milestone sheet that can be circled back to weekly or monthly. Guiding your employees will make them feel comfortable and give them a sense of direction while working.

Tip 3: Establish Boundaries
Emphasize to your employees that they should not be working 24/7, especially during paid time off. Employees need rest in order to come back in energetic and ready to conquer the workload. Quality over quantity is said a lot but very true when it comes to workload.

Tip 4: Continue Learning
Encouraging employees to continue their education in their job excites them and makes the employee feel they are continuing to grow. Growth is incredibly important for employees to feel like they are contributing to the company and developing themselves personally. Offering a learning budget for employees is a great way to implement this tip.

Tip 5: Use Your Paid Time Off
Allow employees to take paid time off, they deserve it! This will also benefit the company in the long run because burnout is a real thing. Having a refreshed and rejuvenated employee will lead to more revenue for the company.

Tip 6: Take Breaks
During the work day, schedule team breaks, this not only allows a mental break for the employees but also gives the employees time to get to know their team members that they are working with. When an employee feels they are working alongside with friends, it will lead to less stress and positive emotions.

Tip 7: Adopt a Pet
An office dog is a great cure to relieve stress. Dogs are great relievers to stress and induce happy emotions. Encourage employees to bring in their pets to work, which is great for employees to work alongside their best friends. For more tips, check the AnimalAuthority guide on bringing your dog to work.

We hope that these tips lead your office place to feel less stress and pressure on them, eventually leading to reduced costs in the workplace!
Written by Tia Philippart
Tia is a content marketing specialist who writes for various types of industries including lifestyle, business, and statistical insights.
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