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5 Basic Yoga Poses for Office Workers

5 Basic Yoga Poses for Office Workers
Working long hours at the desk can be physically tasking in ways we don’t realize: a sore neck, back, slumped shoulders and tight hips can really take a toll on us. Sitting at a desk all day can also affect our mental health – the stress of a high-pressure office job combined with a lack of exercise and endorphins can really be a drag.

Luckily, yoga is there for you! Although yoga might be traditionally done in a class, or at least a quiet space to roll out your mat for your own practice, yoga can actually be done anywhere, at any time. If you don’t feel comfortable practicing yoga at the office, you can practice for a few minutes at home in the evening. These poses are cherry-picked for their ability to ease the muscles used by office workers and computer-users who sit down all day.

So, don’t let the constraints of an office job stop you from taking care of your physical and mental health – escape the prison of your desk for a few minutes and try these yoga poses for computer users!

1. Parvatasana

At your desk or on the floor, raise your hands up above you into a prayer position. Then, interlace your fingers and turn the palms of your hands towards the ceiling. Squeeze your arms together and stretch your upper back. This is a very simple pose to do and very unassuming in the office. It will also help you if you have been sitting all day.

2. Pec Stretch With a Strap

Have a belt or a scarf in front of you, holding it with your both hands. Your hands should be almost twice as wide apart as your shoulders. Bring your arms over your head and then continue back as far as you can. This is a stretching exercise and it will help you feel energized after long periods of sitting.

3. Chair Twist

For this exercise, you should sit on the edge of your chair and have your knees pressing together. Then inhale some air while stretching your spine. Exhale and twist to the right while placing your left hand on the outside area of your right knee and your right hand on the back of the chair. Push with your left hand and pull with the right hand. Then repeat on the opposite side.

4. Eagle Pose

Both a standing or seated eagle pose is a workout for leg and arm muscles. Start by binding your arms by bringing your right elbow under your left elbow, and then do the same with your legs by swinging the right knee over the left knee. “Bring your hands up to deepen the stretch, and sink down with your legs. You can do the same while seated by crossing your legs over each other on the ground” explains Willie Acevedo, a sports writer at Ukwritings.

5. Half Downward Dog

Put your hands on the edge of the desk and push your hips up and back while elongating the spine. Breathe deeply and you'll feel energized and refreshed in a minute.

Office jobs don’t need to mean the end of self care – incorporate these simple yoga poses into your daily routine and look forward to a more stress-free life. You can build on this routine by gradually adding new poses, or attend a yoga class for more inspiration!
Written by Ellie Coverdale
Writing about lifestyle and travel, Ellie Coverdale has experienced a lot in her travels and enjoys sharing these lessons in her content. The central theme in her writing is always making an adventure out of everyday life.
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Lengthen your spine and raise your hips by placing your hands on the edge of the desk. Take a few deep breaths, and you'll soon feel revitalised and ready to take on the world. basketball legends
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