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At-Home Tools to Boost Your Immune System

AtHome Tools to Boost Your Immune System
With all the impact of coronavirus around the world, many are turning to supplements, vitamins, and healthier holistic practices to keep their immunity strong. If you want to have a strong immune system, the best thing to do is to take care of your gut health.

The gut governs over 75% of the immune system and is connected to blood circulation, hormone secretion, and gut bacteria. So, actively stimulating the gut can help to massage the intestines and boost your immunity to protect you from colds, flus, and infections.

Change Your Energy has created an Immunity Boosting Toolkit with holistic tools to help you naturally boost your immunity from the comfort of your own home. By using these tools a few times a week, you can promote circulation and the production of healthy bacteria in your gut.

What's in the Immunity Boosting Toolkit?

1. Belly Button Healing Wand
2. Belly Button Healing Buddy
3. Wooden Pillow
4. Infrared Therapy Heat Stone

Belly Button Healing Wand + Buddy

The Belly Button Healing Wand is an ergonomically-designed tool with different-sized ends that allow you to massage and stimulate the gut without straining your shoulders. It can be used to massage all around the abdomen, but is specifically designed for massaging over the belly button, an important acupressure point connected to your intestines.

When you massage the gut, you promote blood and lymph circulation in your abdomen. This helps to maintain homeostasis amongst the bacteria in your gut, which support your immune system and hormones. The stimulation on your abdomen also stimulates the flow of digestion and helps to get rid of toxins from your body faster.

Included in the kit is a Belly Button Healing Buddy, a rubbery, smiley-faced attachment for the smallest end of the wand. Using the Buddy with your Belly Button Healing Wand can help you massage your navel more comfortably without feeling sharp pains. Here is a quick 10-minute Belly Button Healing routine you can try:

Wooden Pillow

The Wooden Pillow is a self-massage tool that uses your own body weight to give you fast relief from pain and tension and to promote circulation throughout your body. Place it under your abdomen while lying down and sway back and forth to massage your stomach. This will increase internal warmth, blood circulation, and movement through the intestines, which increases immune function.

The Wooden Pillow is not only great for massaging the stomach, but also great for relieving pain and tension in your neck, shoulders, back, and legs. Try this routine for using the wooden pillow from head-to-toe:

Infrared Therapy Heat Stone

The Infrared Therapy Heat Stone is a weighted disc that heats up like a hot pack by plugging into an electrical outlet. In fact, the heat stone lasts longer and provides a steadier source of heat than an ordinary microwavable hot pack.

Place this tool on your abdomen, and it can help boost your immune function by increasing your core internal temperature. Did you know that a 1℃ increase in core temperature increases your immune system by 500%? By placing this on your stomach to warm your abdomen, you can get your blood pumping and flowing in your internal organs.

It also emits far infrared rays (FIRS), which penetrate deep into the muscle and tissue for effective inflammation relief and cellular renewal.

All these immunity-boosting tools are available separately on the Change Your Energy shop, but you can save 10% by getting all of them together in a toolkit.

In addition to this toolkit, you can also save 10% on our bestselling Amethyst Biomats, which are FDA approved heated blankets for relaxation and pain relief.
Written by Gabi Petrylaite
Gabi is a creative mind who loves deeply connecting with the people around her. Using music as a tool of inspiration, you can find her at concerts or music festivals in her free time. She has practiced energy healing and meditation from a very young age and loves encouraging others to keep a positive mindset to become happier, brighter, and more successful.
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