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Belly Buttons. Pechoti Method. Ilchi Lee. How Do These Connect?

Belly Buttons Pechoti Method Ilchi Lee How Do These Connect
You’ve probably heard of the newest method that involves people putting CBD oil the belly button through a process called the Pechoti Method. While people are continuing to do so, it’s best to first understand why the belly button is so important in the first place. In this article, founder of the Belly Button Healing method and meditation expert, Ilchi Lee, speaks about his research and findings on the belly button after studying it for over three decades.

Why the Belly Button and Belly Button Healing?

Below is a summary from an interview with Ilchi Lee (June 2016)

Q: When did you start researching the belly button?
Lee: As I studied meditation postures, correcting spinal alignment, and so on for a long time, I picked up an interest in the belly button. The opportunity arose by coincidence when I wasn't feeling well in my stomach and started touching my belly button. I tried to feel the inside of my body as I touched my belly button, and I was able to feel various sensitive areas that couldn't be touched from the outside.
I felt the changes that occurred in my belly button whenever I felt physically sick, when there were blockages in my body, or even when I hurt my back while horseback riding. I felt how a particular area of the belly button was affected, and I treated my illnesses by massaging my belly button and working the kinks out myself.

Q: What did you discover about the belly button?
Lee: What I realized as I organized my research is that since the belly button is a vestige of the umbilical cord and a lifeline that’s connected to the internal organs. It’s also directly connected to the brain through the nervous system.

Furthermore, the belly button is very precious and connected with a person's privacy, so exposing your belly button is akin to opening your mind. With entrusting the belly button as a way of opening your heart and mind to people, neither receiving healing for the belly button, nor the mind which healing is performed, can work without trust and love.

Through the belly button, you can interact with yourself, and you can have interaction with those who are truly close to you. These days, even among spouses or siblings, many aren’t touching each others’ belly buttons. But now, with the networking and communication that happens through the belly button, you are connected with the wonder of life from the Origin, and that connects with your original nature.

Q: How and why did you come to create the Belly Button Healing method?
Lee: I found that stimulating the belly button can activate all the nerves behind it to improve circulation and send energy throughout the entire body. I call this method Belly Button Healing. Through this new education regarding the belly button, not only is it possible to treat ailments of the physical body, but matters of the mind and even the relationships between people can be improved.

And, it isn't only people who have a belly button, the Earth also has a belly button. Every animal has a belly button, too. I created Belly Button Healing because if a new culture revolving around the belly button like this becomes widespread, then the many people living in this era can be responsible for taking charge of the health of their own bodies and those around them.

Belly Button Healing and the Pechoti Method

Per Ilchi Lee’s research, he found that Belly Button Healing helps to activate and magnify the results of the Pechoti Method, which is an Ayurvedic method of rubbing therapeutic oil into the belly button for increased relaxation and stress relief.

The Pechoti Method focuses on the Pechoti gland found behind the belly button. This gland lies at the end of the umbilical cord and is connected to a combination of over 70 million nerves, tissues and organs throughout the body. By applying oil on in and around the belly button, you can increase circulation around the gland, which not only warms your abdomen, but circulates energy throughout all the organs in your body.

By adding stimulation to the belly button through Belly Button Healing after doing the Pechoti Method, the oil can absorb faster into the body and your abdomen can become warmer much more efficiently. For detailed instructions on how to do both methods, click here.

When the Pechoti Method is combined with Belly Button Healing, the benefits are amplified that much more. It’s time to take advantage of the healing benefits of your belly button. Even though it may seem like a strange, untouchable place, it can actually become your go-to for improved physical and mental health.
Written by Gabi Petrylaite
Gabi is a creative mind who loves deeply connecting with the people around her. Using music as a tool of inspiration, you can find her at concerts or music festivals in her free time. She has practiced energy healing and meditation from a very young age and loves encouraging others to keep a positive mindset to become happier, brighter, and more successful.
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