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6 Ways to Celebrate Your Life Every Day

6 Ways to Celebrate Your Life Every Day
The very fact of your existence is nothing less than a miracle. You are a dance of the Universe — billions of atoms, unfathomable multitudes of energies coming together in a brilliantly choreographed, ever-changing spectacle of celebration.

When it really sinks in just how spectacular that is, you’ll know in your bones that life is not something to be endured; rather it’s meant to be celebrated. It’s a gift, and you're the sole creator of its meaning and value.

What you do with your one short life is up to you. You can make it mediocre, or you can make the most of each day and cultivate an attitude of celebration in everything that comes your way.

And just as the muscles in your body get stronger through exercise, building your “celebration muscles” will help you create a strong and stable infrastructure for whatever life throws your way. You’ll be more resilient during hard times, and you’ll attract more of the good — and “so amazing I can’t even believe it!” — times!

Here are a few ideas to help you live a more celebratory life:

1. Express gratitude daily.

Gratitude opens us to the fullness of life. Looking at what we have through grateful eyes, we see that not only is it enough; it's full-on abundance.

Gratitude journaling is a great way to focus on what’s good in your life. Take a few moments every day to write down 3-5 things that make you happy or bring joy into your life. By showing gratitude for all that you have, you’ll start to notice more and more things to be grateful for. This attitude makes you a happier person and helps you attract more good things into your life.

Tip: Amplify the positive feelings by also writing WHY you're grateful for each thing.

2. Make time for your dreams and goals.

There once was a man who had always wanted to be a doctor. But, being already in his forties, he couldn’t imagine starting over his career and taking all those years of school it would require. Talking to a wise friend about it, he threw up his hands saying “If I go to medical school, do you know how OLD I’ll be by the time I finish!?” She shrugged, smiled, and said: “The same age you’ll be if you don’t go.”

Whether your dreams are big or small, making time to pursue the things you want to do shows that you intend to make the most out of your one precious life. Time will pass either way, so what are you waiting for?

Is there a new skill you want to learn? Take a class. Want to start cooking healthier meals at home? Start flipping through recipes or even enroll in an online cooking course. Do you need a new hobby? Go find one. You can start realizing your dreams right now — just take time out to do what will bring you joy and make your life more fulfilling.

3. Celebrate your small wins.

Celebrating the small stuff can make a big difference in how you feel about your day-to-day existence. And, according to habits expert BJ Fogg (author of Tiny Habits), celebrating small accomplishments can create lasting change in behavior patterns to help you achieve big life goals.

Try one of these ideas to celebrate your small wins:

  • Keep track of your small wins throughout the day. Especially if things get hard or you feel like giving up, record all of the positive steps that helped you through that moment. Seeing all those moments where you pushed forward might be enough to help you find the motivation for another set of steps later on.

  • Give yourself a pep talk in the mirror. Tell yourself nice things like "You're doing great!" It doesn't have to be anything grand or epic; just give yourself some positive reinforcement and notice how it feels.

  • Get your body involved: Pump your fists, jump up and down, squeal with delight over the little things. This anchors the good feelings into your nervous system and wires you for more success.

4. Celebrate with the people that matter most.

Almost everyone would agree that celebrations are the best when the people you love are there. Celebrating on birthdays, holidays or other special occasions is obvious, but what if you had some celebratory get-togethers on “regular” days of the year, too?

Something else to try is making a collage or photo album of happy moments spent with your family and friends. Did you know that studies show that people who make a habit of looking at pictures of happy times with their friends and family actually feel happier?

Nothing makes us happier than seeing the people we care about happy. You might send a card just to tell someone what you appreciate about them, or give them a call just to say something that will make them smile. What else can you do to make someone's day? The answer is simple: Be present and celebrate their life!

5. “Dance like no one's watching.”

To "dance like no one’s watching” is to express yourself without inhibition and without thinking about what others think of you. It doesn’t matter how great your moves are; all that matters is the feeling you get when that rhythm pulses through you. When you express your inner self through the primal languages of vibration and movement, you can cleanse the emotions, free the spirit, and return to your original state of wholeness.

So put on some uplifting music and just move. Your natural impulses will heal you, and your life energies will awaken and shine like the rays of the sun — a celebration of life at its best!

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Written by Kris Washington-Carroll
Kris is a loving, creative soul with a deep personal healing story. Mindbody practices, energy work and meditation changed her life back in 2006, and today, she’s inspired to share these tools with as many people as possible to help them live happier, healthier lives. In addition to writing, teaching, and coaching, Kris is also a visual artist with a passion for using art to uplift, inspire, heal and transform.
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