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How to Channel Your Energy Into a Healthy Work-From-Home Space

How to Channel Your Energy Into a Healthy WorkFromHome Space
Remote work has been rising over the last few years. However, the pandemic caused a work from home “boom” that forced many people to work remotely. Some of those workers saw the benefits of working from home and decided to keep doing it.

Working remotely allows for more flexibility, promotes a healthy work-life balance, and gives you opportunities to be your own boss.

However, there are some potential setbacks. Sometimes, it’s hard to separate the lines between your work life and home life when you’re working out of your house. That can impact your mental health and cause more stress than necessary.

Thankfully, you can keep that from happening by creating a proper work-from-home space – a space that makes your office feel more like home using personalization, comfort, and little details.

Whether you just started working remotely or you know you need a change of scenery to stay productive and prioritize your well-being, let’s cover a few ideas you can use to channel your energy into a healthy work-from-home space.

Create the Ideal Setup

Maybe you already have a home office space, but it just doesn’t feel right. It doesn’t inspire you and often makes you feel tenser than relaxed throughout the day. By changing a few things around, you can completely shift the look and feel of your office, reducing your stress and boosting your productivity.

The practice of feng shui might be right for your office setup, whether you decide to move several pieces of furniture or just to feng shui your desk. Some of the easiest ways to accomplish that include

  • Orienting your desk to face the door of your office
  • Decluttering
  • Creating a balance between the elements on your desk
  • Mapping out your space for productivity

Feng shui promotes positive energy and can help you feel better and more alert throughout the day. If you have to sit behind a desk for hours at a time, you might as well feel inspired while you’re there.

It’s also important to have a space that fits your physical and mental needs. The flow of your office should boost your creativity and give you the freedom to move throughout the day. You might even consider bringing in a couch or lounge chair to take creative breaks or dedicating a space for meditation and/or yoga.

Establish a Positive Environment

Your environment can have a huge impact on your mental health. If you’re working in a space that is causing stress or doesn’t boost your mood, you can change the energy in your home office with a few simple additions, starting with decor. Things like chakra desk plaques and crystals can help to make you feel more balanced in your office. Artwork that inspires you can greet you every morning from the walls. Even changing the color scheme of your office can make a difference in your mood and productivity.

Consider what most inspires you and helps you feel relaxed. Your office should be a reflection of your personality, not a stark place that doesn’t feel homey.

Try letting in as much natural light as possible by working near a window. Paint the room a neutral color or something with a lighter shade. Use throw pillows, blankets, and wall decor to add a touch of comfort and coziness that will still remind you you’re at home, even when you’re working.

Additionally, consider bringing a few houseplants into your office space. Indoor plants are great for reducing stress. They can also improve air quality, reduce fatigue, and improve your mood.

Incorporate Items That Promote Physical Health

Focusing on your mental well-being is crucial to creating a healthy work-from-home space. However, make sure you’re not ignoring your physical health, too. If you find yourself feeling fatigued, burnt out, or even aching and in pain at the end of the workday, it could be a sign to make some changes in your office.

Start by making your health a priority. Preventative healthcare is something far too many people overlook, and it’s a great way to take care of your long-term health. Some of the benefits of regularly seeing your doctor and participating in screenings include

  • Lower blood pressure
  • Better weight management
  • Improved bone and joint health
  • Healthier skin, teeth, and nails
  • Greater life expectancy

Once you’ve committed to prioritizing your health, take a look around your office to see what you can change. Consider upgrading to an ergonomic chair to help with your posture (and alleviate back and neck pain). Invest in blue-light-blocking glasses that can prevent eye strain when you look at a computer all day. Set up an exercise space in your office that will allow you to do some light stretching while you take time for meditation throughout the day.

Most importantly, make sure you don’t feel “stuck” in your office all day. Take frequent breaks, and spend some time outside or in other areas of your house.

There are so many factors that can contribute to a healthy work-from-home space. From surrounding yourself with natural light and soothing sounds to making sure your office smells nice and gives you a sense of comfort, don’t hesitate to focus on the details and channel your energy into a work-from-home area you love going to every day.
Written by Sam Bowman
Sam Bowman has a passion for health and wellness. As a seasoned professional writer, he specializes in topics about people, tech, healthcare and how they merge. In his spare time he likes running, reading, and combining the two in a run to his local bookstore.
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