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How To Unblock and Balance Your 7 Chakras

How To Unblock and Balance Your 7 Chakras
According to spiritual traditions, the human body comprises more than just physical and mental components; it also has an energy system known as chakras. The term "chakra healing" originally comes from Sanskrit language and means "wheel" or "cycle." Seven primary energy centers known as chakras are located from the base of your spine to the crown of your head.

This time-honored concept can be found in a variety of New Age schools of thought. It is believed that your chakras are the source of the subtle energy that allows your organs, mind, and thinking to function well.

The word "chakra" represents the seven chakras that pervade your body, each with its energy center. There are seven major chakras, and each one corresponds to a different section of the body as well as a different psychological reaction. Achieving a balance between these energies promotes your mental, physical, and spiritual well-being. Are you ready to dive deeper into the realm of chakra healing?

We've got you covered! In this article, you’ll know about:
  • Learning about your seven chakras
  • What happens when a chakra is blocked
  • How an unbalanced chakra can affect your life
  • How to efficiently unblock your seven chakras

What are Your 7 Chakras?

#1: The Root Chakra

In chakra healing, the root chakra located at the base of your spine is the most powerful chakra. It's associated with the color red and earth elements. The root chakra governs survival, aspiration, reliability, and stability, as well as your connection to the outside world.

As the primary source of energy, an imbalance can induce tremendous anxiety and confusion, resulting in unhappiness and a lack of direction. It might induce worry and uncertainty as the primary energy source. When this chakra is balanced, it produces stability, positivity, vigor, autonomy, and fortitude.

#2: The Sacral Chakra

In chakra healing, the sacral chakra is located two inches beneath the navel and represents the purity of water. The sacral chakra is thought to be in charge of libido, creativity, and intuition, as well as self-worth, empathy, and adaptability. It is claimed that when the sacral chakra is out of balance, it causes emotional outbursts, a lack of imagination, and a fixation with sex. It is also thought to cause an obsession with sexuality.

#3: The Solar Plexus Chakra

The solar plexus is located between the ribs and the navel. It correlates to the color yellow and is associated with the element of fire. The solar plexus chakra is the center of one's self-esteem and feelings created by the ego.

In chakra healing, it is predicted to manifest physiologically as digestive, liver, or diabetic disorders. It is believed that when the solar plexus chakra is out of balance, people experience feelings of despair and poor self-esteem. When it is restored to balance, it becomes a vitality, efficacy, and self-assurance source.

#4: The Heart Chakra

The heart chakra is thought to be located in the middle of the cardiovascular system. This chakra is linked to several organs, including the heart and lungs. This chakra serves as a link between the lower and upper chakras. The heart chakra is related to compassion, trust, passion, and love for oneself and others.

An imbalance in the heart chakra is the source of negative emotions such as anxiety, envy, insecurity, and mood swings. In chakra healing, it is thought that an overactive heart chakra can cause hypertension, heart palpitations, and other heart-related issues.

#5: The Throat Chakra

In chakra healing, the throat chakra is responsible for the lips, tongue, neck, and other regions of the throat. Furthermore, blue indicates the throat chakra, which is related to the earth element.

The fifth chakra, positioned at the level of the throat, is associated with self-expression, communication, and self-confidence. It is said that when the throat chakra is balanced, hormone flow may be controlled, and it is also easier to articulate one's own thoughts positively. Maintaining a stable state in the throat chakra is essential.

#6: The Third Eye Chakra

The region between the brows is the location of the third eye chakra. Indigo and blue is the color linked with the third eye. In chakra healing, the third eye chakra is thought to control your intellect, perception, knowledge, and spiritual strength.

According to this school of thought, having an open and balanced third eye chakra allows you to see connections in this world and others. People with unstable third eye chakra may endure headaches, migraines, or blurred vision. Harmony in the third eye is thought to free you from the limits of earthly attachments.

#7: The Crown Chakra

In chakra healing, the crown chakra is located at the top of the head. The crown chakra is associated with the color white or violet. It's called the "thousand-petal lotus" and is regarded as the most spiritual chakra. People are connected to their higher selves when their crown chakra is open.

It's tied to enlightenment and energy thinking and relates to inner wisdom and the cosmos. When the crown chakra is out of harmony, it can cause depression, dissatisfaction, and unpleasant emotions. Spirituality helps many people accomplish their goals. Even if this approach may help some people understand their lifestyles, all feasible aid routes must be available at all times.

How To Unblock and Balance Your Chakras

  • 1. Chants or Mantras - A chant or mantra is a short phrase that is frequently used at the end of a yoga session. The mantra is a type of sound healing that can help to replenish your energy fields.

  • 2. EFT or Tapping - The Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), or tapping, works by tapping on specific meridian points throughout your body using your fingertips. The motion of tapping and repeating affirmations might aid in releasing emotions that may be clogging your chakras.

  • 3. Meditation on the Chakras - Chakra meditation is a powerful method that anyone can use at home. It entails drawing attention to oneself and concentrating on your awareness.

  • 4. Yoga - When a chakra is blocked, the movement might help to release it. Yoga is an excellent approach to accomplish this since it facilitates the flow of energy back into your body.

  • 5. Aromatherapy and Healing Crystals - Using essential oils and crystals to rebalance your chakras is an excellent approach. You can work on unblocking your chakras by applying these oils onto your person; the same goes for the crystals.

  • 6. Diet and Nutrition - Certain foods can help you clear your energy system by including them in your diet. Each chakra corresponds to specific foods; therefore including these in your everyday diet can help you rebalance your system.

  • 7. Venture into Nature - This is one of the simplest methods for clearing your chakras. Walking barefoot in the grass is a great way to reconnect with nature and absorb its healing energy, keeping you grounded and at ease.

  • 8. Deep Breathing - Taking deep breaths with intention might help restore your chakras to their normal, harmonious state. Direct your energy to the chakra as you inhale. Allow awareness to seep into you and relax into it as you exhale.

Chakra healing can help you with your day-to-day life, especially when resolving your personal problems. Your health and well-being should be your top priority at all times.

Do you feel like you have a blocked chakra right now? Which unblocking method do you plan to use? Share with us your answers!
Written by Rosina Warner
Rosina Warner has been writing for years on a variety of topics including astrology, spirituality, tarot, and healing crystals. She enjoys reading books that contain poems, as well as fictional and historical stories in her spare time.
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