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4 Ways to Deepen Your Yoga Practice

4 Ways to Deepen Your Yoga Practice
In September we celebrate National Yoga Awareness Month. Beginning in 2008, this annual observance has transcended borders and blossomed into a global phenomenon. Across the world, people are embracing yoga not only as a physical practice, but as a transformative journey towards health, vitality, and spiritual awakening.

Yoga isn't just one thing; it comes in many forms. At Change Your Energy, we approach the heart of yoga through ancient Korean mind-body traditions. But regardless of how you practice, yoga at its best offers a lifestyle of ever-deepening intimate connection with ourselves and the world around us.

With that in mind, this article will discuss four ways to deepen your yoga experience, plus some products that can help.

1. Strengthen your ability to feel energy.

Traditional East Asian wisdom teaches that the harmonious circulation of energy in the body is the bedrock of wellbeing across mind, body, and spirit.

A central principle of the yoga we practice at Change Your Energy is: "Where the mind goes, energy flows." This means that when you bring your focused awareness into the body and its energetic sensations, you can amplify the flow of energy, increasing the benefits of your yoga practice. Additionally, regularly engaging with energy leads to its gradual integration into your daily life—a totally natural yet profound phenomenon with many benefits.

One of our favorite ways to expand your capacity to feel energy is through Magnetic Meditation. This distinctive technique leverages the tangible sensation of magnetic fields from magnets to amplify, expand, and guide energy. Through the simple act of interacting with magnets and their magnetic fields during meditation, you can intensify your connection to energy and its movement within you.

Our Magnetic Meditation Kit offers a comprehensive approach to this technique. It includes the book Magnetic Meditation: Five Minutes to Health, Energy, and Clarity by Ilchi Lee, three specialized magnets crafted from hematite, and a plush velvet carrying pouch.

Magnetic Kit

Check out the Magnetic Meditation Kit here.

2. Elevate your yoga space.

Having a dedicated and inviting space for your at-home yoga practice, regardless of its size, truly makes a difference. Consider putting in the effort to create a high-vibration, positive atmosphere. The energy of your space matters because every time you're there, your surroundings are influencing your inner self in some way. It might be positive, negative, or something in between, but one thing is clear: even if you don't realize it, your subconscious mind is aware. And as you delve deeper into the heightened states of awareness that yoga cultivates, your subconscious becomes more receptive to the messages it receives.

The Change Your Energy Art Gallery has a unique and captivating collection of high-vibrational art that can elevate your space. These artworks act as energy conduits, effortlessly connecting you to their essence and power at a subconscious level. They can be harnessed to uplift the energy in your yoga area, enrich your meditation practice, or even serve as manifestation tools for bringing your desires to life.

energy art gallery

Check out the Energy Art Gallery here.

3. Connect to nature through your yoga practice.

As humans our origins are entwined with nature, and both our bodies and our inner spirits yearn for a reunion with it. The interconnected tapestry of existence, encompassing trees, plants, animals, and the boundless stretches of Earth's ecosystems, finds unity in fundamental elements like water, sunlight, oxygen, and carbon compounds. We truly are threads of a singular organism animated by a collective life force.

Disconnection from nature equates to a disconnection from ourselves. But when we immerse ourselves in the embrace of natural elements, we can unlock the reservoir of Earth's wisdom and unveil life's profound principles.

It’s easy then, to imagine how yoga and nature go hand-in-hand. The journey allows us to discover our true selves as that which is connected to all of life. Over time, this transformation liberates us from external dependencies for health and happiness, and empowers us to forge these foundations from within.

Consider taking your yoga practice outdoors into nature for a deeper experience. You can also bring elements of nature inside.

One way we love to bring nature into our practice is with herbal incense. Practicing yoga accompanied by the gentle waft of burning incense can serve as a conduit to nature's embrace. 100% natural herbal incense, such as the ones in our shop, can have a profound influence on your energy levels and emotional state.

Even without understanding how it works, the experience of using incense awakens something within you. Once you start incorporating incense into your yoga practice, and feel how it harmonizes you with the rhythms of the natural world, you might not ever want to be without it again.

chakra essential oils

Check out our collection of all-natural incense here.

4. Learn about the spiritual aspects of yoga.

The full potential of yoga goes beyond the physical, mental and emotional benefits. Once people begin sensing energy and connecting to the invisible world within and around them, they often also begin to feel invited into the realm of the spiritual.

Some people have spontaneous spiritual awakenings or insights that come directly out of their own experience, unmediated by any preconceived beliefs or concepts. Others may enter into the spirituality of yoga by exploring different teachings, or reading texts or books about it.

If you’re interested in studying ideas and concepts, just remember to take it as an experiment; bring it into your own being, see how it lands within you and whether it resonates as true to your own experience.

A powerful spiritual text to consider exploring is the Chun Bu Kyung. It’s a concise composition of only 81 characters that emerged around 9,000 years ago in what would become Korea.

Regarded as sacred by many, this ancient text delves into the profound themes of unity, harmony, and the evolution of all life. Yet, its significance extends beyond words alone; the energy it embodies is equally powerful. Each character within the Chun Bu Kyung resonates with its own unique energy, closely intertwined with its meaning. Engaging with the Chun Bu Kyung has the power to transform you by helping you attune to the core of existence.

Chun Bu Kyung Practice Kit

Change Your Energy has a range of products to connect you with the Chun Bu Kyung and transmit its energy to you.

Check out the Chun Bu Kyung here.

For more products to support your yoga practice, check out our yoga essentials collection here.

Written by Kris Washington-Carroll
Kris is a loving, creative soul with a deep personal healing story. Mindbody practices, energy work and meditation changed her life back in 2006, and today, she’s inspired to share these tools with as many people as possible to help them live happier, healthier lives. In addition to writing, teaching, and coaching, Kris is also a visual artist with a passion for using art to uplift, inspire, heal and transform.
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