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Energy Art by Jisu Han: Bring Light and Oneness into Your Space

Energy Art by Jisu Han Bring Light and Oneness into Your Space
Throughout December, our Energy Art Gallery is featuring the vibrant paintings of artist Jisu Han. Each of her works displays not just visual beauty, but also compelling energy vibrations that connect you to something deeper inside. You can bring her art into your home or share it with others by purchasing fine art prints on canvas.

Meet Jisu

Jisu is an accomplished illustrator and painter who has worked on various children's books, adult fables, and international art projects, including the illustrations for Change Your Energy founder Ilchi Lee’s storybook, Bird of the Soul.

In Jisu’s creative world, artistry is blended with spirituality. As a longtime meditator, she infuses her work with an energy of presence and deep connection. Her art is a form of energy transmission, a conduit through which she shares her inner self in a visual language that speaks directly to the soul. When you sit with her paintings, you can enter a space of heightened emotional and sensory perception, and create a real connection to the universal Life Energy that is within and all around you.

You can understand the depth and the care she puts into her work in her choice of materials and her painting process. She creates her paintings by applying multiple layers of traditional Korean paper to canvas, and then painting with acrylic.

She says:

“I fell in love with traditional Korean paper while experimenting with various media to express the feeling of light. The natural texture and breathable quality of the paper allows me to capture the image of light that I felt.

“The strength of this paper is its naturalness. I’ve yet to find a more suitable material for expressing nature. Humans heal best when they are in nature. For that, I wanted the materials to resemble nature.”

This season we feature 2 collections of Jisu’s work, including 15 new pieces:

Flower of the Universe – In each painting, a swirl of energy forms the heart of an eternally blooming white flower, symbolizing the infinitely evolving universe that is constantly being reborn. Choose one that empowers you to accept and create change.

Light of Life – This series expresses the light energy of the Source of Life. This is the light we feel during deep meditation, where boundaries vanish and we become part of everything. Choose one that helps you connect to your inner light.

See more of Jisu Han’s Energy Art and purchase prints here.
Written by Kris Washington-Carroll
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