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QUIZ: Manifest Your Destiny & Watch Your Dream Come to Fruition

QUIZ Manifest Your Destiny Watch Your Dream Come to Fruition
When we talk about manifesting, our imaginations dance with ideas of things and situations we would like to create in our lives. We may understand that through manifestation meditation we can develop skills of manifesting our dreams that lead to the fulfillment of those desires, or “fruition." But without understanding the process that is at work as we create energy toward manifesting our dreams or desires, our energy is likely to be scattered and our efforts may fall short.

Thoughts are the seeds that we plant toward creating our tomorrows. But a mere thought doesn't necessarily contain the quality of energy that brings about change. Add emotion, passion or strong feelings to your thought and you have just watered the seeds!

However, the recipe for manifesting desired changes has yet another ingredient: As we water our seeds with strong emotion, our thoughts change from thoughts into experience. We are engaged in experiencing what it feels like to realize our desire. This is where visualization comes into play. When we visualize an outcome AND experience the strong feelings that being, doing, or having the desired object or outcome produces, then we have changed the energy one step closer to manifestation.

As we experience this change, we can observe how we respond to our own feelings. By staying in alignment through this quality of attention on our thoughts, we are actively engaged in the process of “fruition,” or realization and fulfillment of our dreams!

Bring Your Dreams to Delicious Fruition

To start, grab a pen and paper and try this revealing quiz:

How are your Thoughts Affecting your Desires?

Fold the paper in half lengthwise. Relax as you sit comfortably. Recall a time when there was something that you wanted and your dream was realized nearly effortlessly. Take the first thought you have, keep it simple, and at the top of one side of the paper, write down a brief description of what it was.

Think back and rate yourself on these five important ingredients for manifesting. Give yourself a score of 0 to 5 on each of the areas listed below, 5 being the highest score.

What does each score mean?

0 - You do not feel that you could complete this experience.
1 - You feel as though you attempted to complete this experience, however, were unsuccessful in nature.
2 - While attempting to complete this experience, you gave it all of your energy, but do not feel as though it worked to your fullest advantage.
3 - You feel as though this experience was completed satisfactory, nothing more or nothing less.
4 - You feel proud and confident in the effort you put into this experience, however, you feel as though there is room for improvement.
5 - You feel that this experience was completed to the very best of your ability, and you do not see room for improvement. This experience has been achieved.

Use this scale to complete the quiz below. Be honest with how you feel you completed each of these experiences in order to accurately score yourself.

How did you experience each of these to Manifest Your Dreams?

1. How clearly could you visualize your desired object or outcome? 0 1 2 3 4 5
2. How focused and strong were you in your desire and intention? 0 1 2 3 4 5
3. How great was your expectation of success? 0 1 2 3 4 5
4. How well did your daily choices and behavior align with your desire? 0 1 2 3 4 5
5. Did you have trust in yourself and the universe to produce the desired result? 0 1 2 3 4 5

TOTAL: ________________

Now, for comparison, think of something that you have wanted but have, so far, been unsuccessful in manifesting. Write a brief description of this in the other column. Do the exercise again.

Analyzing Your Scores

0 - 5
If your score for either situation lies between 0-5, you have so much room to grow! You need to begin to imagine your dreams coming to fruition. If you want something, you need to picture yourself living out this dream. Start with manifestation meditation, create a mantra related to your dream, and go after what you want!

6 - 10
If you’ve scored between 6-10, you’re off to a good start. You know what you want, and you’re willing to put some thought into bringing your dreams to life. Perhaps you’re lacking confidence of what you can actually accomplish? Start believing in yourself, and you’ll see your dreams come to fruition before your eyes.

11 - 15
A score between 11-15 puts you right in the middle of knowing what you want and achieving your goal. You might even have a plan to achieve your dreams, but you aren’t fully committing to the process of accomplishing your goal. Don’t give up now, you’re on your way to success!

16 - 20
Scoring between 16-20 means that you’re almost there! Look at the areas where you scored yourself on the lower end. These are your areas of improvement. Plan to make each day a stepping stone on the path to achieving your dreams.

21 - 25
If your score is between 21-25, you really know how to put your dreams at the forefront of your day and go after what you want. There might not be much room for improvement because you’re a go-getter, and you know how to manifest your destiny. Congratulations!

How do your two scores compare? In the second set, which areas showed the least strength? Do you need to give more consideration to intention, expectation or trust? How are your skills of visualization? Do your daily choices align with your intentions? Small adjustments can have big impacts.

This exercise can provide greater understanding of how the process of “fruition” works and how our desires, thoughts, emotions, intentions and self-observation assist us in fulfilling our greatest dreams. Have fun with it!
Written by L.A. Trombetta
Sedona artist, L.A. Trombetta shares her nature-inspired writing, music, and art on this website. Lynn’s whimsical, adult fiction plays with the edges of life and reconnects with the magic of True Spirit and fresh vision for a joyful, limitless life based on personal creative evolution and awareness.
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