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Restore and Rebalance Your Qi with Magnet Play Therapy

Restore and Rebalance Your Qi with Magnet Play Therapy
It happens to even the most energetic and positive thinkers. Stress, illness or setbacks drag us down and next thing you know, your life force, your energy, is flagging, sluggish or even nearly blocked. If you find yourself stuck in a such a place, playing with magnets can be therapeutic as well as fun. Magnet therapy can get you back in the positive flow of life.

Just what is electromagnetism and how can it transform our life? Imagine Qi, or life force, energy as a flowing river. The water is made of electromagnetic particles, the riverbed is our meridian pathway and the ‘current’ is the Qi energy itself.

Qi in motion is what navigates our body, mind and soul through space and time. Blocked or stagnant Qi, just as obstructions and debris can dam up a river and impede its flow, slows down or completely stops our personal development. Our thoughts and actions cannot keep up with the ever changing and moving cosmic life force as it speeds through space and time and we become stuck. Stuck in a negative pattern or negative thought.

Magnet therapy has been shown to act upon everything in our energy field, from our aura to our blood flow. The most common suggestion is that magnets can improve blood circulation because they act on the iron in our blood, however that is a myth. The magnetic field is too weak to actually draw iron molecules, say scientific studies. But, you don’t need science’s word to feel the awesome power of magnetism for yourself.

Simply hold two magnets in your hands and play with pulling them apart and pushing them together without letting them touch. The electromagnetic energy is apparent and palpable; so strong in fact that its existence is undeniable.

When life has slowed your free and happy flow, here are some fun and easy magnet therapy techniques for strengthening and restoring your electromagnetic energy balance. Give them a try!

Push and Pull – Holding one magnet in each hand, place your hands a few inches in front of your Dahn jon (about two inches below your navel). Taking a few deep breaths, slowly fill your belly, empty your belly until you are feeling centered and relaxed in your entire abdomen and pelvic region. Then, slowly push and pull your magnets together and apart, but don’t let them touch. Just keep letting the magnetism draw the magnets together then use your own energy to keep them apart. Keep playing with the magnets over your Dahn jon, letting its energy radius grow larger and larger. Close your eyes and concentrate on the gentle tug and pull of the magnetism, letting it sink more deeply into your Dahn jon with every repetition. You can try this standing up or lying down.

Cool Head – Holding a magnet in the fingers of each hand, bring your hands to your Third Eye, the point between your eyebrows.Make little circles with the magnets, their tips facing each other, about one to two inches away from your forehead. Take notice of the energy pulsations. Open your mouth slightly and exhale deeply as you circle your magnets. Continue circling your magnets around your Third Eye for three to five minutes. Soon you will notice your head becoming clearer and cooler as the 'heavy' kind of heat leaves you.

Sticky Hands – Using two magnets, place one magnet above a finger, on top of your hand, and the other below, inside your hand above your palm. The two magnets will stick to each other through your hand. Carefully move your hand around.and notice how the magnets stay in place. Keep wiggling your fingers, moving your hand and even waving your arm. The magnetism will transmit through your flesh and finger bones. Very relaxing indeed.

Need magnets? You can find them by clicking here. Have fun!
Written by Kim Alyce Steffgen
With a background in journalism and marketing communications, Kim's wordsmithing reflects a love of language that brings spice to many ads, articles, banners, and videos. To that spice she adds her passion for herbs, plants and alternative health.
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