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Start Your Change Today with the Change Book Launch Contest

Start Your Change Today with the Change Book Launch Contest
Today, October 1, 2013, a time of transformation begins with the official release of Change: Realizing Your Greatest Potential by ChangeYourEnergy.com creator Ilchi Lee. To launch this hardcover, independent publisher Best Life Media has teamed up with ChangeYourEnergy.com to offer a free gift and contest that will run from October 1 to 13. The book will be available from online and offline retailers nationwide, including ChangeYourEnergy.com.

During the contest period, all participants will be able to download a guided audio nature meditation by Lee titled “Wind: Freedom” from his CD Nature Heals: Meditations for Self-Healing. This 11-minute meditation uses natural wind sounds and guided visualization to help listeners let go of their current perception of themselves and form a more empowering one. They will also be entered into a random drawing to win one of three prizes: Ilchi Lee’s new Magnetic Meditation Kit (10 winners), a special edition DVD of CHANGE: The LifeParticle Effect (3 winners), and a one-year membership to ChangeYourEnergy.com (10 winners) that includes unlimited access to all of the site’s personal development courses. To get your gifts, just go to the Change book gift redemption page.

Change was written as an in-depth companion to Ilchi Lee’s educational film, CHANGE: The LifeParticle Effect. More than a simple self-help book, it takes readers on an adventure to the depths of reality and opens up a new world of possibilities. With mind-bending insights and practical tips, Changeendeavors to motivate and empower the individual to start any change, large or small.

Using insights from Eastern philosophy, quantum physics, and neuroscience, this Ilchi Lee book makes the case that physical reality and our consciousness are inseparably linked, giving people the ability and responsibility to direct the inevitable course of change through our thoughts, words, and actions. As Lee writes, “If habits, lifestyles, or personalities are fruits—then thoughts, words, or actions are seeds. Change your seeds and the fruits will change accordingly. This can be shown as a flow like this: Thoughts to Words to Actions to Habits to Character to Destiny.” To help readers change their thoughts, words, and actions, Ilchi Lee provides simple yet effective meditation and breathing techniques, as well as other practical suggestions.

At the end of its adventure, Changeconcludes on a note of hope: “I believe in the goodness of my fellow human beings. We have a true desire for greatness and genuine good intention to be helpful to others. That’s enough. Change is possible. Seriously.”

About the Author
Ilchi Lee is the author of 36 books including The Call of Sedona: Journey of the Heart, which was a New York Timesbestseller and also on the USA Today, Washington Post, and Los Angeles Timesbestseller lists. A visionary and educator, he has spent nearly three decades helping people create better lives for themselves. Lee has created Dahn Yoga, Brain Education, and hundreds of other wellness programs and methods. A model for the self-improvement he teaches, Ilchi Lee is continually changing and continually creative. To learn more, visit his website at http://www.ilchi.com.
Written by Temani Aldine
A man wearing many hats, Temani's background as a lawyer, writer, yoga instructor, lifelong meditation student and polyglot makes communications and marketing a good fit for him. It also makes him a one man Changeyourenergy.com embassy.
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