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Turn Conversational Toads Into Social Princes with a Throat Chakra Tune Up

Turn Conversational Toads Into Social Princes with a Throat Chakra Tune Up
It happens to everyone. You’re at a social function or an office party, or even on public transit. You engage in conversation with someone and they say something unexpected, and you just can’t think of a reply. And it makes you crazy.

Your mind goes blank and you stare dumbly back at them. Or, you say something, anything really, to fill in the silence, but it’s never what you meant to say. You go home replaying that dialogue in your head, over and over again, wondering what you should have said, or could have said. That perfect witty rejoinder or crystal clear response usually strikes in the middle of the night, or days later. But it’s too late and you know it. That toad has already leapt off your tongue. However, don’t despair!

Whether or not you’re an extroverted party animal, a silver-tongued conversationalist or a timid wallflower….all of us at some point find our healthy ego-roaring lion squeaking like a mouse. Why? Because, we can’t always be in sync with our own voice at all times.

It’s not uncommon to be thrown off guard when you’re with new people or in an environment that’s outside your comfort zone. We are creatures of habit, reward and punishment, and negative and positive reinforcement. When life knocks us off center or gets our noses out of joint, so to speak, it’s easy for our psyche or ego identity to be knocked askew as well.

Social anxiety and awkward conversations are the first sign that your Throat Chakra could use a tune up. Doing some preventative exercises and warm ups before your next social interaction can make the difference between having a frog in your throat or being in princely command of your conversation.

Of the 7 major chakras, the Throat Chakra is the Master of Ceremonies, the moderator, and the voice of reason when balanced.

3 Great Tips for Throat Chakra Balance

Sing It Loud
Go ahead. Make a joyful noise. Croon your head off. Whether it’s finally taking those singing lessons, going out to a Karaoke club or just spouting off key in the shower, belting out songs is a great way to relax your diaphragm, clear your Throat Chakra and brighten your mood!

Loosey Goosey Neck
Blocked fifth chakra energy can manifest in neck pain or tightness, headaches, jaw pain, dental pain, sore throat, and many other ailments associated with this area of the body. To move stagnant energy out of this area of your body try this simple neck rolling exercise.

Relax your jaw by opening your mouth slightly, gently roll your head from left to right, then right to left, in a slow figure 8 or infinity symbol shape. Do this several times until you feel your neck and jaw muscles loosening. Complete your circuit by clasping your hands behind your neck and tucking your chin into your chest. Close your eyes and breathe.

From Poser to Composure
This exercise is a healthy ego booster that will put you in good social standing in any situation. Standing in Mountain Pose, feet together, toes pointing outward, arms relaxed by your side, say this affirmation to yourself while breathing freely and naturally: “I am connected with the very center of the universe and I am free to express, at all times, on all levels.”
Written by Kim Alyce Steffgen
With a background in journalism and marketing communications, Kim's wordsmithing reflects a love of language that brings spice to many ads, articles, banners, and videos. To that spice she adds her passion for herbs, plants and alternative health.
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