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Use Intuition to Build a Healthy Relationship with Your Body

Use Intuition to Build a Healthy Relationship with Your Body
Your intuition is alive and well, and it wants you to be too. Intuition, that sixth sense or extra-sensory perception we all experience from time to time, is more than a fanciful idea. It can be a powerful ally for your health when you learn how to recognize and listen to your intuitive perception.

Nobody knows your body better or sees into your life more than you. Self-awareness and intuition are invaluable tools for helping you sense and treat physical and mental illnesses. You can use your relationship with your body to better understand when something does not feel right, what types of treatments are good for you, or who is the best person to care for you when you do fall ill.

Everything is energy, as Ilchi Lee says. And in the physical world, evidence of energy is everywhere. We can place a fingertip on our wrist and feel our pulse, see our breath when we exhale on a cold day, or watch the kinetic energy in the ripples we create with kicking feet when swimming in a lake.

Intuition, correlated to the Third Eye Chakra, is another type of energy. Only, it is more difficult to discern and even harder to access because it lives below your conscious awareness.

Our energy fields send out vibrations that the Third Eye can see and the highly sensitive can feel. To some people, intuiting or ‘hearing, seeing or feeling’ this extra-sensory energy comes naturally. But every person can learn to tune in to their own body’s signals and sharpen their extra-sensory perception to be aware of emerging or existing physical or emotional conditions.

Intuition is the main signature of the Third Eye, but every cell in your body is a tuning fork, giving you information about yourself and the world around you every moment if you’d only pay attention.

Your doctor can give you a diagnosis, for example, but your intuition can guide you what to do about it. Say you’ve been told that your migraines are caused by your high stress job. Your rational mind might say you must stay in the job and you cannot afford to take a vacation or switch occupations.

Your intuition says, let go of fear and be open to possibilities you’ve not yet imagined. Intuition is the imagineer and your guide. “See?” it asks. “Look right here, that vacation you’re dreaming about is going to put you in touch with a whole new career opportunity, if you’d just tell your rational mind to be quiet for a moment.”

Intuition is even rooted in our biology. Just as the energies of each chakra are concentrated in different parts of our body, intuition concentrates in certain areas such as the heart and pineal gland, where the Third Eye lies.

The heart has a ‘knowing’ that only recently science has explained as a second nervous system. If you can’t know something with your mind, check your heart. If you’ve ever picked up the phone before it rang, or felt an absolute sense of certainty about a relationship within seconds of meeting that person, that’s your heart sense, or intuition at work.

The more aware you are of your body’s intuitive messages, the better able you will become in noticing changing conditions in your body. You will be able to listen to your body’s signals, track health changes and be your own best health advisor.

Below are three practices for tuning in to your intuition for better health:

1. Speak Love to Your Body
Your body ‘hears’ every thought you have. If you are complaining about or criticizing your body size, weight, shape or condition, always wishing to be in someone else’s skin, your cells will eventually respond to the mean way you’re treating them.

Everyone has things they’d like to change about their body. But look at all the beautiful, miraculous aspects of your body that you take for granted every day.

Are you able bodied? Give gratitude for it. If you are able to read about other people’s lives who you may envy, or see the fashion models in magazines that makes you doubt yourself, give praise to your eyesight, your ability to read, the brain that can process thoughts.

The more you live in an atmosphere of love and gratitude the better able your intuition can thrive and come out of hiding. Give appreciation to your unique and miraculous body every day to improve your health and well being.

2. Listen to Your Body
If you love yourself, you’ll love your body and listen to it as you would a beloved child. When you focus on what you love and desire, it will grow and thrive on your attention.

Your intuition depends on you to create a quiet and clear space from which it can speak. Learning to listen to your body is the key to applying its wisdom.

The more you practice listening to your body—energy level, skin tone, muscle strength, temperature, respiration rate, heart rate—to know what’s normal or baseline, the quicker you will be to notice changes from the norm and be able to act on them.

3. Be Sensitive
You don’t have to become so thin skinned that every word, signal and act puts you on the brink of tears. Yet, your intuition is a highly precious and delicate thing. It grows toward and responds to stillness, purity, joy, appreciation and belief in its existence.

The best way to care for and nurture your intuition is to eat well, rest well and live the best you can. If you can, find times to be quiet or contemplative. Reading, sewing, meditating are excellent ways to encourage your intuition to come out and play.

Physical exercise to destress your body is another way to create space for your intuition because, the harder you exercise, the more relaxed you will feel and the better able you are to tune in to the world around you and make your body a better receiver.

And, here’s something else you probably already know intuitively: Through healing our personal lives and bodies, we heal the world around us. The more joy, peace and health we experience within ourselves, the more benefits there are for society and the planet.

Intuition should not replace professional medical or mental health care. However, it can be used as a guide to detect and clear out energetic blockages, negativity and outmoded belief systems that may still be hindering your self-awareness and ability to heal.
Written by Kim Alyce Steffgen
With a background in journalism and marketing communications, Kim's wordsmithing reflects a love of language that brings spice to many ads, articles, banners, and videos. To that spice she adds her passion for herbs, plants and alternative health.
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I love this article. thank you for your insight!
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Thank you, Rebecca. Let us know what intuition moment you experience when you sit down and listen to your body.
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