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Day 5: Forgiveness is Key

Day 5 Forgiveness is Key
"Forgiveness is the key to action and freedom."
 - Hannah Arendt

Week 1: Hope

Welcome to Day 5 of 21 Days to Change. Today we will discuss resolving the issue or issues you observed yesterday.

The key for yesterday was to observe rather than control your thoughts. Even though this can be a difficult task, you are likely to learn something new about yourself. The key for today is to practice loving yourself, for loving is the heart of forgiveness.

It is common for us to conceive of forgiveness as something we do for others. In truth, forgiveness is an internal process. The old adage "charity begins at home" applies here.

Usually, the things in others that bother, displease or anger you, are things you have not accepted about yourself. So, to truly forgive others, you must first forgive yourself. Most importantly, understand that even forgiveness of others is an act of internal healing.

Forgiveness releases you from the cycle of continually replaying a reaction you once had in the past. Forgiveness allows you to live in the present. To be present in the present is to gain access to the richness of possibilities.

You can resolve your issue by not judging or being judged by your thoughts. The thought that will help you cultivate forgiveness is acceptance. Acceptance is the first step in the process of eroding a belief structure that no longer serves you. You can begin to practice this with your surroundings.

Every time you observe something, rather than making a conclusion about what it is, take a deep breath and exhale with a sense of acceptance. Let whatever it is become an "aaaaahhhhhh" moment, a sigh of acceptance. Pretend for a moment that you do not "know" what it is and approach it with openness.

Forgiveness gives energy to the field of possibility, opening up a range of choices that fuels action and your momentum toward freedom.


Wherever you are, first please sit down. You can meditate in any position, but it is best for your situation to be in a position that is both relaxed and alert.

To keep your back straight during meditation you may lean against a wall or pillow.

Pick up your LifeParticle Card (or find a digital version at ChangeYourEnergy.com); take 30 seconds to look at the LifeParticle Sun. This will help you shift your focus to what you want to achieve.

Now close your eyes, take a deep breath and slowly exhale until you empty out your lungs. Relax your shoulders and breathe like this 2 more times.

Keep your eyes closed and imagine yourself in your business, or the home you shared with your ex, or some environment strongly associated with your challenge. Imagine all the furniture, plants, or artwork in the space. Relax your body and see yourself in the center of this space.

Begin deep breathing again and with each exhale imagine something disappears from the room. Keep breathing and emptying the space around you for 2 minutes.

When you are done, shake your shoulders vigorously for 30 seconds to release any remaining tension. Do you feel lighter? Now you can begin to feel free to release everything you know about your situation and get a fresh perspective.

Now say the weekly affirmation out loud. If possible, look at yourself in the mirror. “In every day, in every way, I am changing and growing. I can choose to make it better!”

Get the motivation and inspiration to stay on track with your personal goals by taking the 2014 New Year’s Resolution Challenge!

Important Practice Tips
In just 21 days, you can unlock your hidden potential and transform your habits for a more fulfilled life. With a simple combination of daily inspiration, meditation, breathing exercises and affirmations, you can achieve your goals and create the life you really want.

Try to meditate at the same time every day:
Please remember that meditation involves your body and mind. Both will respond best to a consistent practice at a regular time. You will have better results if you do this around the same time every day.

Be patient with the Healing Process:
These 21 days will be process of self-healing. The healing process means that some emotional items you identify and release may seem to intensify as you are releasing them.

Also, there may be subtle physical reactions to the emotional release such as unexpected exhaustion or mild achiness.

This message is not intended as medical advice, so please consult your healthcare practitioner with any health concerns.

Written by Temani Aldine
A man wearing many hats, Temani's background as a lawyer, writer, yoga instructor, lifelong meditation student and polyglot makes communications and marketing a good fit for him. It also makes him a one man Changeyourenergy.com embassy.
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With an open heart I allow this moment to be as it is! Thank you for this opportunity to clean my beliefs, judgements and past, I am Sorry, Please forgive me, I love you. Whatever memory is playing in me it is not me it is just a memory. All shall be well! I feel refreshed and cleansed by this release today! Thank you for reminding to release the past instead of accumulated the past.
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As I read this message, I felt that I needed to forgive myself for not loving myself enough in the past. I was very hard on others and hardest on myself. Everyday brings new challenges. But now I am embracing those parts of me that need a little work. I feel hope as I try to overcome my limitations with love and acceptance.
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Such a timely message on forgiveness, acceptance and the judgements and preconceptions we have. Today, I forgive myself and accept others as they are. In meditation I was able to exhale some of the darkness in inhale pure light to replace it. May have to do this frequently in the day!
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