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Day 12: Become Your Own Superhero

Day 12 Become Your Own Superhero
"A hero is an ordinary individual who finds the strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles."
—Christopher Reeve

Week 2: Courage

On this 12th day of change, we offer a simple method of creation. Remember, "simple" and "easy" do not always mean the same thing. Sometimes it takes a lot of work to get to simple.

Today we ask you to look at your system of hero worship. Is there some quality or attribute which you believe you do not possess, that you think of as outside of yourself. Who did you look up to as a child? Are your childhood superheroes still relevant?

Maybe what you dreamed of for yourself as a child is connected to what you are seeking at this moment. Take this opportunity to draw upon those old memories and re-purpose them.

Look for ways in which the SuperYou can show up in your life.

Think about your childhood hero. Who is she or he? What did she or he wear? What did she or he do?

Write about it. Write the things this superhero can do and then list the things you like about this superhero.

Wherever you are, first please sit down. You can meditate in any position, but it is best for your situation to be in a position that is both relaxed and alert.

To keep your back straight during meditation you may lean against a wall or pillow.

Pick up your LifeParticle Card (or find a digital version at ChangeYourEnergy.com); take 30 seconds to look at the LifeParticle Sun. This will help you shift your focus to what you want to achieve.

Now, you are the writer, the director and the main character of your story. Imagine the superhero is you. Hold that vision and let it come to life.

Visualize your own face as the face of the superhero. What are you doing? Are you smiling? What actions are you performing? How does it feel to be the superhero?

Now close your eyes, take a deep breath and slowly exhale until you empty out your lungs. Relax your shoulders and breathe like this two more times.

Keep your eyes closed and reflect on all of the things in your list. Relax your body and breathe in gratitude for each item.

Begin deep breathing again and with each exhale imagine something disappears from the room. Keep breathing and emptying the space around you for two minutes.

When you are done, shake your shoulders vigorously for 30 seconds to release any remaining tension. Do you feel lighter?

Now you can begin to feel free to release everything you know about your situation and get a fresh perspective.

Now say the weekly affirmation out loud. If possible, look at yourself in the mirror. "I am letting go and accepting change in my life. I trust that all is flowing in accordance with my highest good."

Follow Up
Whether walking, sitting or standing, take time today to practice this technique. Relax your shoulders and take a deep breath into your chest. Keep doing this for three minutes.

Do your best to just "listen" to what comes up in your mind; keep breathing in and exhaling slowly. Repeat at least three times during the day or the next day.

Get the motivation and inspiration to stay on track with your personal goals by taking the 2014 New Year’s Resolution Challenge!

Important Practice Tips
In just 21 days, you can unlock your hidden potential and transform your habits for a more fulfilled life. With a simple combination of daily inspiration, meditation, breathing exercises and affirmations, you can achieve your goals and create the life you really want.

Try to meditate at the same time every day:
Please remember that meditation involves your body and mind. Both will respond best to a consistent practice at a regular time. You will have better results if you do this around the same time every day.

Be patient with the Healing Process:
These 21 days will be process of self-healing. The healing process means that some emotional items you identify and release may seem to intensify as you are releasing them.

Also, there may be subtle physical reactions to the emotional release such as unexpected exhaustion or mild achiness.

This message is not intended as medical advice, so please consult your healthcare practitioner with any health concerns.

Written by Temani Aldine
A man wearing many hats, Temani's background as a lawyer, writer, yoga instructor, lifelong meditation student and polyglot makes communications and marketing a good fit for him. It also makes him a one man Changeyourenergy.com embassy.
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I do remember watching lots of Disney movies and I really enjoyed the Sword and the Stone. The boy Arthur who becomes King Arthur. I can identify with his goal of becoming the owner of his Life/energy and the one who creates their life for the benefit of all. This kind of superhero appeals to me the most. So I imagined big stadiums full of people who desire a peace loving Society just like me and we all declare our gifts and talents and share them with the world to awaken others to do the same! Growing and maturing in age, wisdom and grace may sound simple but it takes great courage to believe in yourself and commit to making yourself and the world brighter,healthier, and BE You to Full!
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Maybe I don't remember well, but I can not think of any particular superhero figure that I focused on when I was young. When I was young I remember the people around me being my superheros, my parents, my grandparents, many of my family members. I feel I was lucky to have so many great examples around me. When it came to movies, the type of movies I loved the most were the ones where the hero was an underdog. And they experience an epiphany to CHANGE their circumstance and received great power from within. They made a declaration and persevered through many obstacles to achieve their goal. Then they realized that their original goal didn't matter anymore, but that they found the beauty and love within themselves and power and trust in their hearts. And that is exactly what I am facing, I will become the heroine of my own life. As I meditated I could picture and feel the feeling over overcoming and becoming one with my dream. Btw... I am lucky that I have many sidekicks cheering me on!
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I look at the heroines in my life. Their qualities are balanced. Just enough strength, just enough vulnerability. Courage, but also humility. Self sufficient, but very giving and willing to help all people. All those things have been given and are inside of me. There is nothing I need that i don't already have inside. (Except maybe a cape?). Haha! Let the superhero reign!
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I appreciate the Christopher Reeve quote. I will keep my third chakra strong today, with positive attitude and taking action. Will use resources well. Will work with the energy of change to accomplish goals rather than suffer! ;D
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