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Day 16: Let Your Imagination Run Wild

Day 16 Let Your Imagination Run Wild
"The power of imagination makes us infinite."
—John Muir

Week 3: Determination

Hello and welcome to Day 16. If you have activated your faith, then you are ready to tap into the power of the imagination.

Imagination is more than child's play. It is quite literally the stuff we are made of. You are where you are and you have what you have, because you have imagined it.

Without the input of the individual imagination, energy is just potential. When you put the imagination of several individuals together you get the complex fabric we know of as reality.

Reality as we know it is created and recreated by our collective imagination operating unconsciously. When you left childhood behind, you did not lose your imagination, you just left it on auto-pilot. Don't you think it's high time you got back in the pilot's seat?

Let's take action to create what we want to see in the world. Though this is an important step to take, it does not have to be "work." One important lesson that we can take from childhood is the fun associated with the imagination. No matter what your toys could "actually" do, didn't you have fun with the things you imagined them doing?

Yesterday you activated your faith. You began to practice seeing the thing you want and feeling the feeling of its existence. This behavior is fuel for the engine of imagination. Each of us is an agent of change; so, what we think and what we imagine really does matter to the world.

Know that your abundance harmoniously blesses and beautifies everyone and everything around you; it is especially attuned to your personal frequency. That's why imagination is so important. It is where your own special radiance shines.

Imagination is the engine for making your reality more like your dreams. Remember, this is important for you and everyone connected to you!

Imagine you have released the responsibilities and expectations of adulthood and become a child for a few moments. Close your eyes and imagine yourself as a child.

What would make you happiest? Was there a special place where you felt happiest as a child? Imagine yourself in a happy place.

If you can’t recall one from memory, just imagine it. Smile and imagine details of this happy place. What is around you? Who is there with you? What's the weather like?

Writing Meditation
On a blank sheet of paper, or in your journal, write the numbers 1 to 10 on the left side of the page. After each number, write down a simple two- or three-word description of people or things you imagined in your Happy Place.

When you are done, review the list and pause for a minute at each item. Notice how it makes you feel?

Rather than ask "why" about any of these things, explore and release them through meditation.

Find a comfortable place to sit. Keep your back straight and your shoulders relaxed.

Hold on to the images and feelings from your happy place by touching the area between your eyebrows with your index finger. Hold it for 10 seconds, then allow your hand to drop back to your side.

Breathe in deeply then slowly exhale, feeling the top of your head, your eyebrows and your jaw become completely relaxed. Take one more deep breath and exhale until your shoulders, arms and hands are completely relaxed. Take another deep breath and slowly exhale until your hips, legs and feet are completely relaxed.

Now imagine that you inhale and exhale through the point between your eyebrows. Imagine the air flowing through that point, especially as you exhale. Keep breathing in and out of this point for two minutes.

Now, take a deep breath. Let go of all of your frustration with a loud Ahhh sound. Try this two more times. Feel a lot better?

Complete the cycle of release and transformation by saying the following affirmation three times: "I am open to positive thoughts about myself and about my future. My life has infinite possibilities for peace and joy!"

Get the motivation and inspiration to stay on track with your personal goals by taking the 2014 New Year’s Resolution Challenge!

Important Practice Tips
In just 21 days, you can unlock your hidden potential and transform your habits for a more fulfilled life. With a simple combination of daily inspiration, meditation, breathing exercises and affirmations, you can achieve your goals and create the life you really want.

Try to meditate at the same time every day:
Please remember that meditation involves your body and mind. Both will respond best to a consistent practice at a regular time. You will have better results if you do this around the same time every day.

Be patient with the Healing Process:
These 21 days will be process of self-healing. The healing process means that some emotional items you identify and release may seem to intensify as you are releasing them.

Also, there may be subtle physical reactions to the emotional release such as unexpected exhaustion or mild achiness.

This message is not intended as medical advice, so please consult your healthcare practitioner with any health concerns.

Written by Temani Aldine
A man wearing many hats, Temani's background as a lawyer, writer, yoga instructor, lifelong meditation student and polyglot makes communications and marketing a good fit for him. It also makes him a one man Changeyourenergy.com embassy.
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I have a special place in nature...since I was about 7 years old...a big oak tree I used to ride my horse to visit, then sit under it and feel taken inside the comforting arms/body of the tree. Very peaceful and magical..wise strong..patient. I used to talk to that tree, and hear responses...I never thought it was strange, it just seemed natural.My horse loved that spot too. I have always had a bright imagination. As I age my way of connecting to imagination is changing. I want it to be "realistic", and my monkey mind will tell me that it's silly...I am limiting myself...I will wake up inside the tree again and GO FOR IT, broaden the horizon.sparkle with joy at challenges, like when I was a child.
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Yesterday was a busy day. But I did manage to practice this meditation. I really enjoyed going into my childhood. Some of my best memories are when my family and I are playing and eating all together. Everyone is relaxed and playful. My dad is grilling. My mom is relaxed and laughing. I am playing with my sisters and cousins. The sun is shining... when the night comes, the air is warm. I am lucky to have been brought up in a close family.
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Connecting to my imagination and creating a happy place felt very joyful. I couldn't quite feel my breath leaving from my eyebrows, but I did feel relaxed. Clamness was surrounding me like a warm blanket. I hope to see more and more people utilize this site so we canuse our imaginations togehter and create a health and compassionate planet! Aloha = In the presence of the breath of life
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Sunrise meditation this morning brought the power of faith and imagination together! I feel empowered by the vast ocean and infinite sky... My possibilities are also limitless! Still sitting on the rock outcrop although the sun is riding high now... Not ready to leave the peace of this place.
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