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Day 20: Hope is Infinite

Day 20 Hope is Infinite
"We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope."
—Martin Luther King, Jr.

Week 3: Determination

Today, on this 20th day of your path toward change, please remember the power that brought you here is also the power that will lead you to success: hope.

Hope does not require you to be unrealistic. Hope does not ask you to ignore your obstacles. Instead hope is a tool for seeing circumstances as they are and accepting them, and, at the same time, acknowledging their potential.

Hope is such a strong motivator, because it touches the infinite power within you.

A powerful tool for change, hope is like a ray of sunlight appearing in a dark forest. Hope reminds you that your current circumstances are temporary. Hope represents some element of what you seek that has been with you all along. Are you having trouble seeing it? The best way to uncover it is with gratitude.

Writing Meditation
In your notebook, or on a fresh sheet of paper beside you, write down everything that you are grateful for at this moment. You may have 100 things, 30 things or 10 things on your list; just be sure that you are allowing all the things you are grateful for to come to the center of your attention.

Find a nice quiet place to sit. Whether on the floor or in a chair, it doesn't matter. Keep your spine straight, especially your lower back. Relax your shoulders.

In your mind, review all of the things you have written on your gratitude list. How do they look, taste, sound, smell? Allow yourself to remember or imagine the sensations.

Relax your shoulders and take a deep breath into your abdomen. Exhale through your mouth until you empty out your lungs. With each out breath, say "thank you" to or for every item on your gratitude list. Keep calling up each one with gratitude as you exhale. Say “thank you.”

You may repeat some items many times. That’s ok. Say “thank you.” Keep doing this for 2 minutes.

Take a deep breath and open your arms wide, open your palms. Exhale and let your hands fall toward your chest. Repeat two more times, really stretching the palms.

With your arms open wide, look upward and say this affirmation: "I am open to positive thoughts about myself and about my future. My life has infinite possibilities for peace and joy!"

Get the motivation and inspiration to stay on track with your personal goals by taking the 2014 New Year’s Resolution Challenge!

Important Practice Tips
In just 21 days, you can unlock your hidden potential and transform your habits for a more fulfilled life. With a simple combination of daily inspiration, meditation, breathing exercises and affirmations, you can achieve your goals and create the life you really want.

Try to meditate at the same time every day:
Please remember that meditation involves your body and mind. Both will respond best to a consistent practice at a regular time. You will have better results if you do this around the same time every day.

Be patient with the healing process:
These 21 days will be process of self-healing. The healing process means that some emotional items you identify and release may seem to intensify as you are releasing them.

Also, there may be subtle physical reactions to the emotional release such as unexpected exhaustion or mild achiness.

This message is not intended as medical advice, so please consult your healthcare practitioner with any health concerns.

Written by Temani Aldine
A man wearing many hats, Temani's background as a lawyer, writer, yoga instructor, lifelong meditation student and polyglot makes communications and marketing a good fit for him. It also makes him a one man Changeyourenergy.com embassy.
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I feel like I am constantly learning and changing. I feel grateful that I am in an environment that allows we me to use all my creative potential. Everyday brings new possibilities for growth and change!
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Wow! I felt so much gratitude for myself , my family , my friends , the communities I share my life and hope with and our amazing life giving planet that sustains all life to grow freely and abundantly. Thank you for supporting me and others to calm our minds , refresh our outlooks and create healthy ways to be present and live our dreams joyfully!
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Feelin' the hope! Wrote my list of the things I'm grateful for. It kept getting longer and longer, reminding me once again of how blessed I am. There are so many people in my life that instill hope; people that inspire me with their hopeful and positive attitudes... Love hanging out with those hearts! May you all have a bright and hope filled day! I love you!
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I'm grateful for feeling hope! Thanks for the support, from within and without...appreciate the life particles and love! Sore throat small this morning. Day of travel to Waianae and meetings. Day of (infinite possibilities for) peace and joy. Love you! ;D
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