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Enhance Your Meditation with March’s Aquamarine

Enhance Your Meditation with Marchs Aquamarine
Meditation has proven to be beneficial for all types of healing, from physical illness to emotional trauma. The aquamarine crystal is especially good for enhancing meditation and gaining mental clarity.

According to legend, wearing or using a gemstone during its assigned month heightens its healing powers. And the gemstone for March is Aquamarine, one of the most potent healing crystals of all!

The reasons why crystals are so great for meditation aren’t all that mysterious.

Because they grow in the earth, all crystals contain some level of the earth’s electromagnetic vibration. The intensity of frequency or vibration of a crystal depends on several factors: the type and concentration of minerals, the size, shape, color and especially how you feel it's effects with your own body.

When we meditate in proximity to crystals—placing them in a circle around us, or even directly on our bodies’ chakras—the stone merges with our electromagnetic field and increases our overall vibrational level.

Some crystals have higher frequencies than others and, therefore, have more healing energy.

You might use different stones depending on what sort of healing you require. A red or orange stone like carnelian for root chakra issues such as survival, work and money, for example, is a good stone for to keep in your office desk or wallet.

Higher vibration stones resonate more strongly with chakras from the heart up. The aquamarine crystal helps to purify your energy and connect you with the divine.

Meditating with the aquamarine crystal greatly enhances mental clarity and chakra alignment. Although aquamarine has been known to heal all seven chakras, it is especially attuned with the fourth (heart) and fifth (throat) chakras.

These chakras house the information and habits of the unconscious mind. Meditating on these two chakras, especially with the aquamarine, will help you open the communication aspects of your throat chakra and open the channel between your unconscious mind and your higher conscious.

Here is a meditation exercise for sharpening your intuition to connect to your subconscious, and to guide you toward inner peace and clarity.

Aquamarine Healing Meditation
Calm your mind, connect with your subconscious and align with earth’s loving forces with this meditation exercise.

Place your aquamarine crystal at eye level a few inches in front of you. If you do not have an aquamarine of your own, use one of the many images of The Soul of Mago, available online.

Sit, Breathe & Relax
It is important to take a moment to release any tension in your body before starting meditation as stress affects your body’s flow of Qi.

Find a comfortable, quiet space where you can sit or kneel with a straight back.

Inhale and exhale three long breaths. Close your eyes and focus only on your breath to tune out distractions and allow yourself to be completely present.

Now, open your eyes and look intently at the aquamarine. Brings your hands up to your heart area, with palms together.

Ask your higher consciousness what it wants you to know for your health and happiness.

Breathe in. Breathe out. Look at your crystal and focus on just one blue shaft. Imagine that shaft growing into a massive pillar of light that eventually surrounds your entire body.

Imagine that you are sitting inside the pillar, surrounded by the aquamarine’s light and sound vibrations.

Say, “I am light. I am clarity,” six times.

Breathe in and exhale three times. Focus your breathing on your heart chakra. You may feel a vibration or electric sensation in this area. Let it expand. This means that your fourth chakra is activated.

Move your focus to your fifth chakra, located at your throat.

Breathe in and exhale three times. Acknowledge any desires, emotions and negative thinking you may experience in this chakra. Then, burn them away using the clear blue light of the aquamarine, as if it were a laser. Your head will feel refreshed and your sixth chakra will be vibrant.

Bring your hands up and rest each palm over each eye. Once more, breathe in and exhale three times, letting the clear blue energy swirl around your heart, throat and head.

Slowly bring your hands down by your sides, open your eyes and smile with gratitude for the aquamarine and your soul’s awareness.

The more clarity of mind and better communication you have with yourself, the more emotional stability and better relationships you’ll have with others. That’s good for you and the whole planet!

Written by Kim Alyce Steffgen
With a background in journalism and marketing communications, Kim's wordsmithing reflects a love of language that brings spice to many ads, articles, banners, and videos. To that spice she adds her passion for herbs, plants and alternative health.
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