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Topic: Emotional Healing      Comments: 0   Cornelia Carter

Healing Emotionally from Divorce

I recently divorced my friend and husband of 23 yrs and father of my three children. The physical divorce was very painful but I am still not free because I don't know how to heal emotionally. My husband has suffered from addiction his whole adult life and it hurts me that I had to leave him. My energy is low. Any advice on how to focus my energies to help me on a road of emotional healing would be welcoming.

Answered by Ilchi Lee

Dear Cornelia,

We confront many obstacles as we live our lives. Separation, especially from close friends and family members, is accompanied by great emotional change; it is a tunnel that all have a difficult time coming through. I send energy of encouragement to you as you experience this difficult situation.

Emotion is one kind of energy. Good, bad, trying, lonely, happy, and sad feelings—none of these emotions last forever, but change according to your circumstances and attitude. How, then, can you change your emotional energy as you desire? To change gears in a racing car, first you have to put it into neutral. In the same way, to change your emotional energy in the direction you desire, you must first go into neutral state.

Although there are many methods you could use, the easiest and quickest way to neutralize your emotion is to feel your body's qi energy. All your thoughts and emotions cease when you sense your energy body, and, as you start to realize that you are life energy itself, you enter a neutral state, a zeroed state. Then not only does your brain secrete good hormones that increase your natural healing ability, but you feel better, your body feels lighter, good ideas well up in your mind, and you can create opportunities for change that allow you to switch gears and move in a new direction.

I suggest that you repeat something like the following statement, talking to your ex-husband in your mind, after calming and quieting your thoughts and emotions by feeling qi. You don't need to use these exact words; just let them come from your heart. Repeat this several times until you find more peace of mind.

[Your ex-husband's name ], I acknowledge that you, as a being with a physical body just like me, experience challenges and limitations in this physical world, sometimes overcoming those challenges and limitations and sometimes being frustrated by them, but still learning and growing from those experiences. I wish you a healthy, happy, and peaceful life, as I wish one for myself. I send you a blessing of happiness and peace.

Everything in the world changes, Cornelia, but I hope you will encounter your own eternally unchanging mind, which looks on all those changes with calm serenity. That mind will give you peace and the strength to turn change into opportunities for new creation. You can meet that mind through energy. I hope that the diverse training methods at changeyourenergy.com will help you change your qi energy so you can move forward with your life.

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