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Topic: Health      Comments: 3   Susan Oiwake

Unsettled and unfocused children

As a teacher I come into contact with children who have difficulty concentrating on their work and sitting still. How is this explained from an energy point of view? What could I do to help them? What can I advise their parents to do for them?

Answered by Ilchi Lee

Love is the answer. Love creates miracles!

You may say that this answer is universal and that you already knew it, but I actually have nothing else to give you besides this answer.

When it reaches an extreme, love finds a way. You could look into the other person's eyes and take her hand; you could hug her and tell her, I love you; and you could play with her. After a child has behaved well, you could give her a reward, for example, by putting a heart-shaped sticker on her chest, enabling her to have pride; or, through meetings with her parents or home visits, you could see what sort of relationship she normally has with her family or parents and give them advice.

Your love will move your brain in this way, enabling you to find methods more wonderful than those proposed by some famous educator. Love will make you take action and guide you. This will be an energy source that causes you to find methods that work and to love the child from her perspective, not your own.

In terms of energy, if you enable a child to collect energy in her lower abdomen, forming an energy center there, through exercises for feeling energy or Brain Wave Vibration, her mind will become calm, and, as she begins to focus, solving her problems could become easier. I recommend that you try this training with your children.

I hope you will create great miracles through love.

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I taught a teacher to use the Belly drumming tapping in her 5th grade class. Everybody wins and everyday miracles are created! From Ilchi Lee's book Power Brain Kids!
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Yes! Energy training has helped me face my distorted self and a myriad of distractions!!
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Great advice! Love will find a way
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