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Topic: Other      Comments: 5   Simon Jacobs

Suffering from others’ negative energy

I suffer a lot with the negative energy of other people in my life. For example I may leave my house in the morning feeling fairly good.. and then by the time I come back in late afternoon I feel miserable and shattered and depressed from the negative energy of other people. At the moment I decharge negative energy into a sink of water which works fairly well.. but others negative energy still affects me very strongly often negatively. It can also happen the other way.. when I am around good energy I feel on top of the world. So my question is is there a way I can make myself suffer less with this. Because if I go out for a long day it seems likely Ii will pick up bad energy and come back feeling bad. thanks!

Answered by Ilchi Lee

First, I want you to accept that energy is not fixed and always changes.

Energy is like water. It flows ceaselessly from here to there, from this person to that person. When we understand the properties of energy, which changes ceaselessly according to environment and circumstances, we get less stressed concerning change itself, even if it doesn't happen in the direction we desire.

Second, we can always change energy if we want and choose to. We cannot change the energy of other people as we desire. We can choose, though, how to respond to the energy of others.

When you feel that your energy level is lower because you have been influenced by negative energy from others or the outside environment, instead of remaining in that state, get away from it as quickly as you can. Changing energy states does not take a lot of time. With two or three deep breaths, one minute of meditation, one minute of exercise, or a smile, even, you can change your energy positively as much as you want.

What's important is that you must be awake. When you are in a negative energy state for whatever reason, quickly realize that, and, once you've realized it, change that energy state quickly through action instead of complaining or worrying about it. This is possible only if you are paying attention. It's not difficult. Like training muscles through exercise, you can continually increase your wakefulness and mindful action through practice.

Another approach is avoiding reacting to the stimuli of negative or nonproductive information or energy and ignoring it. Instead of reacting, I want you to fill your surroundings with positive energy by responding more proactively to positive and productive information or energy.

It is very important to ensure that the energy in your body is grounded by concentrating on the energy center in your lower abdomen. When you think you are easily swept away by the energies around you, I want you to do a lot of core-strengthening exercises, which can fortify your second chakra, to create a stronger energy center.

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I have found the core-strengthening exercises really help to refresh my energy and also clear my mind. Thank you!
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Hi just wanted to say thanks for the response.. i only saw it a couple of days ago. I have briefly read it but i will read it more carefully and look at the excercises. Thank you.
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What if the energy is coming from an individual over distance, from hate and with purpose to destroy harmony among two people. How can you protect your self from that energy? It can be very destructive in life.
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Parts of what Ilchi Lee said can be related to long distance relationships too. Strengthening your core (2nd chakra) will help give you strength and power. When this builds you will have strength to not be affected by the negative energy you are receiving. You will be able to respond more effectively because they won't be triggering you (and your emotions) as much. Also, like he said you can realize you are in that situation and then leave or change it. Practicing mindfullness will increase your wakefullness and the ability to feel energy more quickly. If it's a phone call, focus on your 2nd chakra (can do intestine exercises) and you will be able to access your strength and creativity in changing the subject or getting off the phone politely. When you get off the phone and you feel it has affected you, accept what happened fully. Accepting the person and accepting how you handled it. Then from there you can choose how do you want to change it (your energy specifically). Ilchi lee suggested one minute exercises, deep breathing, or smiling. I hope that can help <3
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Thank you Ilchi Lee for this message. I have e member who is in this position right now and I will forward this link to her. I have guided her this w ay, but reading your words I believe will have more influence. Chun Ae
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