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Breaking out of

How can one either (preferably) break an extremely long-running cycle of domestic and career dis-satisfaction, or at least escape from overpowering negative thoughts and emotions of being trapped and suppressed that these evoke, please? With love.

Answered by Ilchi Lee

Even though you feel trapped, you can start breaking free by making a change inside yourself by changing your energy. You can release your negative thoughts and emotions, regardless of your situation, with Brain Wave Vibration (including Whole Body Tapping) followed by abdominal breathing. This will bring your body and mind to their zero point, which is neutral and balanced, beyond thought and emotion. Just like how in a car with a manual transmission you need to press the clutch before you can shift gears, you need to bring yourself to the zero point before you can change your thoughts and change your situation.

At the zero point, when you are free from your burden of thoughts and emotions, you will be connected to all of the love and joy in the universe, and you will gain hope. Around the zero point, you can ask yourself what you really want. Rather than focusing on the things in your life that you are dissatisfied about, discover what will make your soul happy and orient your life toward that. Then do exercises, such as Sleeping Tiger, that will strengthen your core. A strong core will enable you to take action toward your soul’s desire.

When you change the energy inside you in this way and you have a clear goal, it changes the way you think and react to the situations you find yourself in. You respond from your center in a way that is in alignment with your goal. That alone will change the way people react to you and how a situation plays itself out. In addition, as you change, and your energy gets stronger and brighter, the people and situations around you will begin to change without your saying or doing anything.

You cannot go through this process just one time, or for just one day, however. To live free, repeat this process over and over, day after day. Then you will have a ruly happy life.
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