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Abundance, Trust and or Logical approach

My question revolves around funding the path of study with a teacher. Having studied Qiqong and Chinese Taoism, Levenson's path to consciousness and many other teachers I am having trouble with just throwing logic of my current costs of living to wind and investing $16,000 per year into private sessions with a teacher. Is it ok to apply logic, prepare your finances and dive in? Or do you just blindly trust and jump in the deep end of the pool. Thx for any and all help.

Answered by Ilchi Lee

You seem to make a distinction between logic and trusting your heart. Ideally, heart and mind work hand in hand. What is important is which is driving your life. I would say that your soul should be the driver. No matter how successful you are or how financially comfortable you are, I think you are not really living if your soul cannot express itself, and based on your question and your studies, you seem to know that.

There were many times when I received a spiritual message to do something and I did it. However, to do it, I needed to make a practical plan and follow that plan and focus on my goal until it was achieved.

There were many times when I wondered how I could possibly do it. For instance, when I received many messages to buy the land on which Sedona Mago Retreat now sits, I hesitated for some time. I didn’t have the money at first, and it seemed very impractical. In the end, I made the choice, and then I made it happen.

That is the first rule of your Brain Operating System: if you choose it, it will happen. You have to really choose it. Choosing it means standing by your decision and putting all of your focus and energy into it.

If you are clear about what your heart wants, what your soul wants, don’t hesitate to choose it. Hesitation only allows space for your doubts and fears to surface. Just do it.

However, doing it includes making a clear and practical plan for how you will do it, and then checking your plan and revising it at each step to make sure you are achieving your goal. You still have to eat and you still have to pay taxes—you still have to live. But if you make the choice your soul wants, you will find a way to do that. If you only worry about how to survive, then that’s all you will achieve.

Use BOS. If you choose it, it will happen. But you need to make a clear choice first. Fear and worry could be holding you back. Making a choice can involve making a plan for how to pay for your training. But you have to maintain your focus until the end, overcoming every obstacle. To overcome every obstacle, choose good news, because then your brain will be at its creative best. Choose what your soul wants and the rest will follow.
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