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Why am I always misunderstood?

I’ve found it very difficult to assimilate into corporate society. Why am I always misunderstood? How can I continue a career and provide for myself through the corporate sector if it’s almost impossible for me to assimilate?

Answered by Ilchi Lee

What you need most is personal power, and the power I speak of are three things: physical power, heart power, and brain power. These are the true inner powers that are needed to gain personal health, happiness, and peace. When these three powers are weak, you will be dragged around by your environment and will not be able to achieve the things you desire.

Physical power is vital energy that is grounded in your lower dahn-jon (energy center) of the abdomen and serves as the foundation to grow heart and brain powers. When you have sturdy physical strength full of vital energy, willpower will spring forth naturally along with the physical and mental endurance to achieve the things you want. A great idea I’d like to suggest is to have a detailed goal about the level of physical power you want to attain. Another great way is to find an ideal person who can serve as your model.

Heart power is the energy of the heart and soul that is centered in your middle dahn-jon (energy center). It’s the energy of pure love that has tolerance, sympathy, understanding, forgiveness, and thoughtful consideration. A person with heart power is someone who has recovered his or her conscience, humane character, and mature emotional richness. Like physical power, heart power grows bigger and stronger the more you use it. Internal characteristics of tolerance, sympathy, understanding, and thoughtful consideration can be trained to grow bigger too.

Brain power is spiritual energy that is centered in the upper dahn-jon (energy center). In other words, brain power can be expressed as “creative power.” Just because someone has a lot of new factual or spiritual knowledge in their heads does not mean that his or her brain power is strong. In fact, brain power is the power to create something helpful for the world through insight and wisdom. Creation happens when you actualize an idea through willpower and concentration.

The important thing is this: you can achieve what you truly want when your physical, heart, and brain powers have been evenly developed. If you’re struggling right now in your current situation, I invite you to think about which one of these three powers you need to grow more of. Create a detailed plan about how to grow that power and steadily take action towards achieving it. I developed Brain Education as a way for people to grow their physical, heart, and brain powers. If you would like a specific suggestion on how to grow, ChangeYourEnergy.com is a site that offers various articles, courses, and videos on Brain Education that will help you grow your physical, heart, and brain powers.

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