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Topic: Health      Comments: 0   HARSHA MEHTA

How can we cope and remain mindful when a loved one is sick?

How can we cope and remain mindful when a loved one is sick? Should I go to a fortune teller or palmist to guide me during this tough time? Or should I just have faith in the power of the universe and my true self?

Answered by Ilchi Lee

Going to a fortune teller or palmist is one way you can receive help. But, let’s suppose you were unlucky and met with a bad guide. This person could say to you, “Your loved one will become increasingly sicker,” and tell you to pay more money and buy some lucky talismans or charms. On the other hand, if you meet a good guide, then you can attain hope and go forward in a better direction.

I hope you become a wise person. The answer you seek is within you no matter what type of guide you meet. A wise person is one who finds hope and creates happiness no matter what despair or difficult circumstances. We call this form of strength “heart power,” and “brain power.” When your heart and brain powers are weak, you’ll be endlessly dragged around by your external environment. However, when you have strong heart and brain powers, you will have the proper strength to overcome whatever circumstance is thrown at you. Brain Education is the way to grow heart power and brain power. If you’re wondering where to find information about Brain Education, you can find various videos, articles, and online courses on ChangeYourEnergy.com that’ll help you grow your heart and brain powers. Out of all the content there, I particularly recommend the Sound Healing for Chakras series. It’ll help you grow your heart and brain powers by purifying your chakras through sound healing. Of course it’s not enough just to do it once or twice. Trust yourself, and I hope you can put in effort to grow your power through sincere diligence.

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