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Topic: Health      Comments: 784   Mary

Overcoming Fear when Physical Body has Disease

I have been diagnosed with Primary Biliary Cirrhosis, an autoimmune disease of the liver where the bile ducts are inflamed. There is no cure for it at this time. I am living with lots of fear now with this diagnosis. How can I overcome my fear and heal my physical body naturally?

Answered by Ilchi Lee

I’m sending you immense LifeParticles of healing. All matter in the universe is composed of particles—including your body, your organs, even the brain where your thoughts and mind reside. Our consciousness directly affects the world around us as it alters the very nature and behavior of these particles that make up everything. I’ve named these particles, LifeParticles. They vibrate with endless possibilities and respond to our choices and intentions.

I hope you can believe in the infinite possibility of LifeParticles. When you believe, you can utilize LifeParticles to create everything that you want with your conscious choice and intention. I’ve personally witnessed around me so many miracle stories from LifeParticles! Imagine that the most holy, sacred, and powerful LifeParticles from the universe are healing your liver back to health. The key is your earnest mind that wants this fully. LifeParticle energy will come down to you when you call to it and imagine it in your mind.

I hope that the many experiential training methods, books and cds that I’ve created will also help you in your journey too. Again, I want to send you strong energy of love and healing of LifeParticles.

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