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Topic: Emotional Healing      Comments: 2   Ericka

How to embrace empathy?

I have many situations where I pick up the emotions and physical pain of others without realizing what is happening to me. For example, I feel tired and heavy when I am in a group with certain people, or my stomach all of a sudden seems to be in knots when I'm in a difficult meeting at work. But, when I'm by myself, I'm totally fine—happy and peaceful again. I feel like I'm on an emotional roller coaster all the time. How do I embrace the gift of empathy without being overwhelmed by it?

Answered by Ilchi Lee

It seems like you have great empathic skills. You have a good brain—congratulations! Always trust your good brain. Keep asking it questions of what it is that you need to do, and I hope you can do the things that your brain wants you to do.
Here’s the tip I want to give you: if the given environment is too hard on you, don’t give it more than 50% of your mind to absorb it in. In other words, give only up to 49% of yourself to be exposed to the negative information around you and let the remaining 51% stay inside of your True Self. All of your energy will be depleted when you expose 100% of yourself to the negative environment and focus your entire attention there. No matter what comes to you, only absorb 49% of it. But, if your strength is weak, then managing exactly how much comes in can be very difficult. For this purpose, you need to grow your physical, heart, and brain powers. You can refer to my previous post to gain more information about physical, heart, and brain powers. One thing to keep in mind is that physical, heart, and brain powers don’t just grow overnight. Set a goal and diligently work to grow your power for one minute every hour, every day. When you do Tong-chun Living daily, you will be able to utilize your naturally gifted brain much better. You can ask your brain what you want and take action to do what it tells you. I hope you can create HSP (Health, Happiness, Peace) in your life.
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Thank you for your response.  This is very helpful!  Strengthening my power to stay inside 51% of the time, learning to gauge when my energy is being depleted, and continuing to ask my brain questions about what I need to do will help me use my energy to actualize my dreams/goals versus feeling depleted.  Thank you.
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