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Spiritual Growth and Relationships

How can two people on the same path stay together but not be attached, especially when the relationship started during a time of deep desire for security, recognition, and comfort?

Answered by Ilchi Lee

The answer is in your brain, so I hope you can utilize your brain well. We can’t do anything without passing the information through our brains first. In fact, our brain is not just our thoughts and memories, but rather, it controls all the basic life functions of our bodies like blood pressure, heart beat, temperature, and hormone regulation. This is why I say that managing your brain is equivalent to managing your life. The good news is that managing your brain is a skill that anyone can understand, practice, and utilize.

I developed Brain Education to encompass the five core steps to becoming the master of your brain. These five steps are: Brain Sensitizing, Brain Versitilizing, Brain Refreshing, Brain Integrating, and Brain Mastering. Each step contains a wide variety of different training methods to activate it. The first three steps are for relaxing the body and mind—they’re the steps to release the negative beliefs that stop you from creating a positive destiny for yourself. The last two steps are to find who you are and what you want and to use this as a background to plan out a new life for yourself. In all of these different steps, the underlying essence is very simple: it is to love and respect yourself so that you can recover your self-confidence and hope. I hope you can study Brain Education and use it to live the life you want and to create the types of relationships that you desire.

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Thank you for this simple & profound answer.  I appreciate your advice to create the life & relationships that we desire.  💛
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Thank you for this.  I will ask people I know who have a similar struggle to read this q & a.
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