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Physical Exercise Puts a New Spin on Your Life Aspirations

Physical Exercise Puts a New Spin on Your Life Aspirations
It may sound silly, but have you ever thought how achieving your dreams could be as simple as breathing and exercising? Breath clears a space for your dreams to land. Physical exercise releases frustrations that could accumulate to become future obstacles. Both release stagnant energy that can obscure your intuitive sense.

If part of keeping young is having a purpose; something to look forward to every day no matter what your age, is key to staying young, then having a fit body and mind with which to live your purpose is important too.

Think of your body as the vehicle that drives your ambition toward its goal. If the physical body is depleted it cannot fulfill its mission or enjoy the dreams and manifestations you set for yourself once they are achieved.

The more fit you are, the more receptive you will be to opportunities and invitations. The more clearly and strongly your Qi flows, the more perceptive you'll be. Calling in your aspirations and acting to manifest them becomes easier and faster.

Breathing and physical exercises give your body the energy to do the things it wants to do.The better shape your body is in the better able you are to hit your mark. Deep breathing means you can run farther, be more productive. Deeper sleep means you have more energy for the tasks you set before yourself. Higher nutrition means you have more fuel for the journey.

Breathing also keeps your muscles flexible. Physical exercise helps you to stay optimistic and focused on your goals.

A little known exercise that is quickly gaining popularity across the globe is called Plate Spinning. Plate spinning, born in housewives' kitchen cupboards, is a fun and easy exercise that works your whole body.

Not only does it burn fat, align your skeletal system and lubricate joints, it also burns fat, increases blood circulation in the muscles and helps you with your balance. It's incredibly simple yet is effectively brilliant for keeping your mind limber, your body flexible and your intuition sharp.

The movements in plate-spinning work all the joints together in harmony. After just a few rotations you can feel the difference.

People who suffer from knee and wrist pain have reported feeling great relief and improved range of motion from doing plate spinning.

Plate spinning aids weight loss by stimulating parts of the body that don't normally get much circulation and tend to accumulate fat, such as the waist, upper arms, belly, thighs and upper back.

There aren't any particular restrictions to where you can do plate spinning. Indoors or out, this is an exercise you can easily do anytime, anywhere, on the spot.

This homespun exercise gives you a surprisingly thorough workout. Give it a try and see for yourself how quickly you can improve your breathing, increase your circulation, cut down fat and work out the kinks from your neck, upper and lower back, shoulders and joints!

Here's how you do it:

If you don't have a plate handy, use any flat object such as a book or try; anything that easily fits in your open palm, or even imagine that you are holding a plate. The objective is to focus your energy on keeping your arm straight and your hand flat.

Single Plate Spinning

This motion improves the six major joints, including the wrists, elbows and shoulders. This exercise also develops your back muscles and helps trim your waist.

The trick is to first move your center of gravity forward, and then, when you're making a larger circle, rotate your plate behind your body. As you push your body forward, rotate your wrists inward, and use your elbow to rotate your shoulder.

  1. Place your right foot forward to maximize your stability. Keep your spine straight and your knee slightly bent.
  2. Rest your left hand on at your back waist, palm facing out.
  3. Bend your body backwards and make a larger circular movement, like a figure eight.
  4. Switch sides.
  5. Work this rotation for three minutes on each side.

This will give you a wonderful stretch and you can feel your body lengthening. This is not only good for your spine but it works on your abdominal muscles also.

Double Plate Spinning

  1. Do the same as with single plate-spinning, but when you bring your hands inward, sink your hips down toward the floor.
  2. Extend your arms backward all the way, as if they were eagle wings.
  3. From this position, straighten and stretch the backs of your legs.
  4. Bring your arms forward, holding them straight, bending forward as if you are diving off a diving board.
  5. Work this rotation for three minutes.

So, when it comes to dreaming up your best life, let your imagination run wild, but be sure to give it the fittest body with which to keep all your plates spinning in the air!

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Written by Kim Alyce Steffgen
With a background in journalism and marketing communications, Kim's wordsmithing reflects a love of language that brings spice to many ads, articles, banners, and videos. To that spice she adds her passion for herbs, plants and alternative health.
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Dear Ms Steffgen,

It’s wonderful work you do with your weekly articles. Love the soft voice that tells the story, love the clean words. Love them!

The only thing I’d like to say is that I personally need more of the general explanations of “why” things like that actually work. Perhaps some general views on energy workings, or energy principals, or cause-and-effect subject, etc.  

I’ve been doing some research on my own (on the internet) with the purpose of thoroughly understanding the beneficial workings of energy exercises. But.. somehow, I still don’t have it clear!  I mean I still don’t have a good big picture – it’s all messy info in my head. It’s not ‘together” to me - a fragmented puzzle. I’m making all the effort to understand the matter of body energy – so I could actually benefit from such wonderful, helpful ideas that you offer.

Not having it clear and together… I hate it so much and it’s terribly frustrating because I truly want to help myself and put myself and my life together. Because I do believe in energy and the energetic “layer” is the first to take care of. I feel energy, I sense energy, sometimes I also hear it – and unfortunately, I feel everybody else’s energy as well.

I didn’t get very far in life, actually I’ve been stuck for years – and now I’m starting to get why. And changing energy is the thing I haven’t tried. But I am so willing to change things for me.


To be more specific, for example, I still don’t get why is it so necessary to back up energy exercises with... imagination. It is indicated for the “organ detox” and in so many other articles on this website (or the dahnyoga one). Isn’t it just as efficient to move my body (shake, rotate, stretch, etc.) without any “mind support”? And why not? Isn’t energy going to circulate anyway (since I move)?

I say this because it is very, very difficult for me to make my attention stay with my body as I do the exercises. My mind seems to go everywhere but with my body as it moves. Frustrating…

Oh, and I read that energy leaves the body through hands and feet… Another one that doesn’t make sense to me. Don’t get it thoroughly enough, perhaps.

I would also love to have more tips&tricks – of course  And I love one problem-focused articles.

I’m truly looking forward to your next subjects. Thank you so much!

And thank you Ilchi Lee – such complex and wonderful work! Thank you everybody behind changeyourenergy.com!  

Love to us all!


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Wow! Now I have to get plates!  
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