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Change Your Energy is Offering Special Live Classes this January 2019!

Change Your Energy is Offering Special Live Classes this January 2019
You may have set some resolutions for the new year like exercising more, eating healthier, or learning how to control your thoughts and emotions better. Whatever your resolutions are, we are here to help you keep them. This month we are featuring four 1-hour live classes to benefit your overall mental and physical health. All classes are FREE for Premium Members.

1. Kay’s Self Healing Yoga: Liver Detox

Sat. January 5th at 10am PT / 1pm ET
Is your liver in need of a reset for the new year? The liver is the largest internal organ that detoxifies chemicals, helps carry away waste, and break down fats. Join Kay in her 1-hour class on stimulating the liver through sound healing, meridian exercises, massage, and meditation.

Benefits of Liver Healing:
  • Less fatigue and more energy
  • Increased blood circulation & restoring of liver function
  • Decrease in stress levels and a deep, relaxed state
  • Clear, harmonious energy accumulation
  • Purification of negative thoughts and energy
  • A refreshed sense of confidence within

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2. Body & Brain Yoga: Weight Management with Susan

Sat. January 12th at 10am PT / 1pm ET
This 1-hour live class will feature Susan who will share exercises and techniques that gave her tremendous results in her own weight loss journey. Experience Belly Button Healing, bowing exercise, and detoxing the gut with Hamcho (an all-natural superfood from South Korea).
Please bring the Belly Button Healing tool if you have one.

What You’ll Learn:
  • Brain Wave Vibration with Belly Button Healing tool
  • Energy accumulation through bowing meditation
  • Deep relaxation through breathing postures
  • Benefits of Hamcho


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3. Body & Brain Yoga: Qigong Visualization with Young

Sat. January 19th at 10am PT / 1pm ET
JIt's important to set clear intentions for the new year while channeling your energy with physical and mental focus. Do you have a clear image of what you hope to accomplish in 2019? Join Young, a martial arts healer with 18 years of experience, in this qigong energy-sensing class. Learn how to harmonize your body and mind through visualizations to manifest your goals for the New Year. 

What You’ll Learn:
  • How to sense energy
  • Clearer thoughts & a calm mind
  • Control of your emotions
  • A deep, meditative state
  • A refreshed sense of confidence within to be able to visualize your dreams


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4. Kay’s Self Healing Yoga: Heart Health

Sat. January 26th at 10am PT / 1pm ET
Kay will continue the organ healing journey this month with heart health. The heart is associated with the element of fire, and she'll guide participants through a 1-hr class on balancing the heart chakra with qigong, yoga exercises, and guided meditation. This class is great for people who have anxiety, migraines, a stuffy chest, or an irregular heartbeat.


What You’ll Experience:

  • Increased blood circulation & a stabilized heart rate
  • Decrease in stress levels and a deep, relaxed state
  • Purification of negative emotions and energy
  • Clear, harmonious energy accumulation
  • A refreshed sense of enthusiasm and love for yourself and others


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Any of these classes are easy to join and suitable for practitioners of all levels. They're a great way to get your mind and body right for the new year from the comfort of your own home. To a healthy new year, and a healthy new you!


*JANUARY SPECIAL: Get 1 Month FREE if you buy any Premium Membership!*
These classes are free for Premium Members. Consider getting a membership to get access to our library of over 80 courses and 300 videos. Plus, you’ll get customized contents that suit your energy state and symptoms. Not a Premium Member yet? Join here.

Written by Gabi Petrylaite
Gabi is a creative mind who loves deeply connecting with the people around her. Using music as a tool of inspiration, you can find her at concerts or music festivals in her free time. She has practiced energy healing and meditation from a very young age and loves encouraging others to keep a positive mindset to become happier, brighter, and more successful.
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