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Combine Dance and Dahn Yoga with Live Training by David

Combine Dance and Dahn Yoga with Live Training by David
Combining his passion for breakdancing and his love of Dahn Yoga, David Driscoll has designed a practice that offers the best of both worlds.

On March 4, at 3 p.m. EST, you can experience the strength building, awareness-based training for yourself, during "Spring into Action," a live event hosted by ChangeYourEnergy.com.

David first began practicing Dahn Yoga eight years ago, while living in Chicago. For six years, he has worked as a certified Dahn Yoga instructor, mainly in the Boston area. One year ago, David's teaching got even more exciting when he met Elise Kerrigan.

With her interest in Dahn Yoga and background in gymnastics, Elise and David have created a unique training experience that strengthens the body, centers the mind, improves balance and introduces practitioners to new and challenging postures.

In addition to lessons on breathing and meditative visualizations, working up to handstands is a distinctive characteristic of David and Elise's instruction.

Experience fun, healthy exercises that are appropriate for a wide range of students, from first-timers to high-level athletes, by attending the Intro to Handstands Workshop on Tuesday, March 4, during the "Spring into Action" live event.

On the day of the event, there will be a banner on the ChangeYourEnergy.com homepage to take you to the digital classrooms. To attend the classes you want, simply click the button to enter the digital classrooms. You will be able to enter 30 minutes prior to the listed start time of each course.

Please be sure to sign into ChangeYourEnergy.com with your membership or general account information first.

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Wow! This sounds awesome. Gotta tune in for this one.
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Super excited!
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Don't be intimidated! Even if learning handstands seems too tough you'll be able to build up your strength, flexibility and agility with these exercises. And it's designed to be a fun way to challenge yourself!
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By Michela Mangiaracina
Thu, Apr. 18, 7:00-8:00PM EDT
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