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"meridian exercises"
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5 Meridian Exercises for Deeper Breathing and Healthy Lungs

The following five meridian exercises from the book, Meridian Exercise for Self-Healing by Ilchi Lee, keep your lungs healthy and help you breathe more deeply. They open and balance the Lung Meridian and relieve tension in the areas around your lungs.

Simple Meridian Exercises for People Who Hate Working Out

Have you struggled with finding and sticking to an exercise routine? Lighter alternatives such as meridian exercises may be the simplest option for you to stay healthy and keep your body moving. In this article, we will discuss the meridians of the body and how they can help with leading a healthy lifestyle, improving overall meridian health, and alleviating pain.

Handle Stress Better with Stomach Meridian Exercises

Learn about your stomach meridian and how to reduce stress with stomach meridian exercises and energy healing.

Release Negative Energy with these Large Intestine Meridian Exercises

Get to know your Large Intestine Meridian, how it affects your physical body and emotional energy, and learn meridian therapy exercises to help release negative energy.

New Course Announced! Symptom-Based Meridian Exercises

A new course has been added to CYE’s ever-expanding digital library! The first topic of the Tune In to Heal series focuses on lower back pain, the related meridians and simple yet effective exercises to relieve and strengthen your lower back.

Bow & Arrow Meridian Exercise for a Strong Heart

The heart meridian is characterized by hot energy, so activating this healing channel is good to increase body heat and send warm, healing energy to the heart.

Bi-monthly 'Basic Meridian Exercises' Live Class Resumes Apr. 8

In his bi-monthly Live Class series, "Basic Meridian Exercises for Self Healing," instructor Chungsuk will introduce participants to the 12 major meridians and healing exercises for improved health, balanced emotions and better energy circulation.

Symptom-Based Meridian Exercises for Self Healing

Through this course, Banya will guide you through self healing meridian exercises based on the symptoms the blocked energy manifests. These simple yet highly effective exercises are specifically designed to release built up energy and stimulate the flow of healthy energy through the body.

Meridian Exercise for Self-Healing

This full-color, user-friendly book identifies specific meridian exercises to alleviate common ailments, including headache, stress, colds, and flu, as well as more serious conditions, such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and thyroid disorders.

3 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Meridian Medicine Cabinet

Instead of reaching for a pill, find an alternative therapy for your illness inside the book, Meridian Exercise for Self-Healing by Ilchi Lee.
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