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5 Ways to Reduce Stress and Enhance Spleen Function

5 Ways to Reduce Stress and Enhance Spleen Function
Do you often feel stressed out and worried or can’t seem to stop racing thoughts? Or maybe you’re often nauseous and have digestive problems? That may be connected to the function of your spleen. Whether your perspective is Eastern or Western, your spleen has some very important functions and is sensitive to your internal energy and stress level.

Here are some tips about how to support and improve spleen health, both physically and energetically.

What Does the Spleen Do?

Known as the “official of transportation and distribution,” the spleen circulates and filters our blood. It also helps with the metabolism process and fights the risk for infection. The spleen provides the cells with energy that regulate our immune system function.

The spleen is responsible for expression, memory function, thoughts, and can be an indicator of someone’s mental stability. It also correlates with the Earth element, which is affiliated with worry and rumination. When our minds are busy overthinking, it impairs harmony between the mind and body and can hinder us from being grounded.

Prolonged stress, poor circulation, cold weather, and mental overwork can exhaust or weaken spleen energy, or spleen chi.

Physical and emotional imbalances of the spleen include:
  • Cold hands and feet
  • Nausea
  • Bloating and gas
  • Frequent belching
  • Excessive phlegm
  • Arthritis and joint problems
  • Excessive thinking and worry
  • Fatigue and inability to sleep
  • Inability to concentrate

How to Strengthen Spleen Health & Enhance the Spleen’s Chi Energy

1. Keep It Warm: When it comes to food for the spleen, it thrives on warm, easily digestible foods. When working on strengthening the spleen, minimize or avoid cold foods or raw vegetables as they are harder to digest. Precooked and warmed foods, such as soups, stews and curries are more easily absorbed and create less work for the spleen. A great way to get the power of raw greens without the cold is to supplement your meals with raw food powder.

2. Calm Your Thoughts by Stimulating your Third Chakra: When you bring your mind into your body, your thoughts clear because your awareness is focused on the present moment rather than worrying and fleeting to other people and things. An exercise that both stimulates your spleen meridian and activates your third chakra is Third Chakra Tapping from Chungsuk's Spleen Meridian online course. By gently tapping two inches above your belly button with your fists 100 or more times, it stimulates your third chakra which is connected to the spleen's function. Gentle tapping promotes circulation and helps break up any physical or energetic blockages.

3. Promote Digestive Fire: Herbs for spleen health are extremely important. Try having some raw ginger before or during meals. Ginseng is good for supporting the immune system and regulating metabolism. You can add warm spices such as black pepper, ginger, cardamom and cinnamon to food to help increase your spleen's ability to digest food properly. Eating pungent foods such as onions, leeks, fennel and garlic also help increase the body's digestive fire.

4. Eat the Right Sweet: Spleen energy thrives on sweet flavors. However, too many sweets, especially refined sugars can damage the spleen over time (consider how elevated blood sugar can cause insulin resistance). But selecting the right foods for the spleen can tonify and cleanse it. Try taking your sweets in small, energy-rich doses and go for natural sugars found in vegetables, fruits, herbs and natural sweeteners like stevia, raw organic honey and syrups such as agave to nurture your chi and fortify your spleen.

5. Strengthen Your Spleen Chi with Qigong: Yes, you can use Qigong for your internal organs! Begin with at least 3 sets of 12 deep, open-leg squats to move chi to both your stomach and spleen meridians. Learn more spleen qi exercises, and view the full course here.

Practice these nutrition and energy tips often to relax, calm your thoughts, warm up, and replenish your spleen with sweet energy!
Written by Gabi Petrylaite
Gabi is a creative mind who loves deeply connecting with the people around her. Using music as a tool of inspiration, you can find her at concerts or music festivals in her free time. She has practiced energy healing and meditation from a very young age and loves encouraging others to keep a positive mindset to become happier, brighter, and more successful.
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Doctors routinely say, "There are no problems when we remove your spleen." How does that actually affect the body?
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Hi Carolyn, according to advice from energy healing expert, Chungsuk, the spleen removes dead red blood cells to regulate the quality of red blood cells in the blood, synthesizes antibodies to maintain the body's immune function, and filters unnecessary antigens, such as bacteria in our bodies. Therefore, patients who undergo splenectomy should be aware of infection. From an energy healing point of view, people with a weak spleen can feel easily fatigued. Also emotionally, tolerance and adaptability weakens and you can feel easily irritable. So it's important to keep your spleen healthy for your physical and emotional wellbeing.
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