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Plate Spinning Healed Patrick's Wrist So He Could Play Music Again

Plate Spinning Healed Patricks Wrist So He Could Play Music Again
As Transportation and Ground Operations Manager for Lockheed Martin, in Sunnyvale, CA, Patrick O'Donnell, is always looking for ways to take the stress out of the job for his crew. Since doing the Solar Body Method for himself, he knew he found the perfect practice to share with his employees.

After healing a wrist injury that forced him to give up his beloved banjo playing, his 'miraculous healing' from Plate Balancing made him a true believer in Solar Body, and his innate healer.

Today, he shares his love of Solar Body method anywhere and with everyone he can. Whether it's for the day ahead, or Plate Balancing at 14,000 feet atop a snowy mountain peak, Patrick can't get enough of Solar Body exercises, nor hide his enthusiasm for life!

CYE: You are very active and adventurous. Why do you do so much Solar Body training? After all, it's not as though you're training for a marathon!

PO: Solar Body is not just strictly physical. There's a meditative aspect to it. It helps you focus, relaxes your brain.

CYE: You are also a mountain climber. You've climbed Torrey's Peak in Colorado to do Plate Balancing at 14,000 feet.

PO: Yes, I love the combination of the climb and Solar Body exercises way up high in the mountain air. It is more intense being that much closer to the sun. :)

CYE: Why did you start introducing morning exercises to your shift crew at your job at Lockheed Martin?

PO: For me, it's really because I have a general care for these guys, and for their health and their well being on the job. I really like to reach out and be able to give them a tool that helps them with their day and helps them get going. Not only does it set them up for their day, but, being in the transportation department, there's a lot of potential for injury. A couple of times a week I show up early at work and take my crew through Body & Brain yoga movements. These exercises help people perform better and be less prone to accidents.

CYE: How has it improved employee morale and performance?

PO: People feel a greater sense of community. People are saying they just feel good. One of my employees said it warms his body up before he starts his day, and improves his breathing and flexibility.

CYE: Were you dealing with any injuries yourself before discovering Solar Body?

PO: Yes. I actually have a 'healing miracle' story. Plate Spinning on the mountain was just the first part of my healing. I am a banjo player and I loved playing, until my wrist became fixed or "frozen" and I had to give up my banjo for a while. After doing Plate Spinning, I regained total mobility in my wrist and I am happily strumming on my banjo again! I went from the mountain to music because of this miraculous healing.

CYE: Have you read The Solar Body book? What are your impressions?

PO: The book immediately had a strong impression on me. It shone a light in a dark corner of my life experience. It showed me I can actually heal myself! I was empowered to be in control of my own health and well-being. It's a wonderfully written book!

CYE: Do you have another favorite Solar Body exercise besides Plate Spinning?

PO: Both the energy exercises and the physical exercises provide me with a balanced daily experience.

Patrick O'Donnell has been on the job at Lockheed Martin since 1980. He continues to mountaineer, play his banjo and enjoy his Solar Body practice at the Kipling Body & Brain Center in Colorado, as well as anywhere he finds himself in the world.

Click here to get a free copy of The Solar Body: The Secret to Natural Healing.

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Written by Kim Alyce Steffgen
With a background in journalism and marketing communications, Kim's wordsmithing reflects a love of language that brings spice to many ads, articles, banners, and videos. To that spice she adds her passion for herbs, plants and alternative health.
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