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Tackle Springtime with Natural Allergy Relief

Tackle Springtime with Natural Allergy Relief
The birds are chirping, the weather is warmer and colorful flowers paint the landscape. Spring is a beautiful time of year, but this can also indicate the beginning of a miserable time for many.

Seasonal allergies grip many of us with congestion, itchy eyes, rapid fire sneezes, “crazy brain” and overall discomfort. But turning to antihistamines for allergy relief can also have unwanted side effects, and many people strive to find a natural allergy relief.

Allergies as we know them are a rather new epidemic of the modern world. 

Due to less time spent outside, eating seasonal fruits and vegetables year-round, and pollutants and chemicals in the air from industrialization, allergies are more prevalent now than ever before. Our bodies have lost their natural rhythm and this weakens our immune systems, making us susceptible to increased pollutants in the air.

So, how can you find natural allergy relief?

Alternative medicine has had the natural cure for allergy symptoms for ages and can be treated as a cold with the same remedies and healing effects.

The main cause of an allergy attack is an overall weakness in the immune system, and when the body detects an excess of pollen and other pollutants, this causes the immune system to go into hyperdrive to fight off the invaders.

The goal is not only to ease one's symptoms and provide natural allergy relief, but also to treat any underlying immune system imbalances, which may be the real cause of an allergy attack.

These 100% natural allergy remedies for allergies work with your body’s innate healing power and can help support the immune system year round and completely eliminate the symptoms of seasonal allergies.

Acupressure for Natural Allergy Relief

Acupressure for Natural Allergy Relief Eastern Medicine works on the basis of Qi energy flowing through the body. When this energy is blocked or imbalanced, ailments manifest and the immune system is compromised. By stimulating specific points around the body, you can help increase the flow of energy, release any blockages, and bring balance to the body and immune system.

You can stimulate multiple points along your body’s meridian system to focus on specific organs and bring relief for many ailments.

When the lungs are weak or imbalanced energetically, they are more susceptible to experiencing the effects of allergy season. Mindfully stimulating the lung meridian can help naturally relieve seasonal allergy symptoms immensely!

Lung Meridian Point 1 Lung Meridian Point 2

Place the crook of your thumbs together with your index finger on top, along your wrist. The point where your finger hits your wrist, on the inside of the bone, is your lung meridian. Once you have the location pin pointed, take your thumb and apply pressure on this point for 5 seconds and release for 5 seconds. Repeat this 5 times and then mimic the exercise on the other wrist. Do this 3 times a day (morning, afternoon, evening) until symptoms ease. 

Oil Pulling for Natural Allergy Relief

Oil Pulling for Natural Allergy Relief An influx of pollen and other substances in the air set up shop in our nasal cavity and sinuses and start brewing all kinds of bacteria causing severe congestion. Oil pulling is a great way to rid the entire body of bacteria and cleanse the sinuses. How does it work? By swishing coconut oil in your mouth for 15-20 minutes daily, you can literally pull bacteria out of your sinuses and relieve congestion. And as oral health is linked so closely to overall health, making this a regular practice will have a positive total body effect and will even whiten your teeth!

Sunshine & Water Consumption for Natural Allergy Relief

Sunshine & Water Consumption for Natural Allergy ReliefAlthough sitting outside in a cloud of pollen may sound like torture, the energy from the sun helps to raise our inner body temperature and strengthen the immune system to fight off infection. When our inner body temperature rises even just 1 degree, massive changes take place within the body. Consciously absorbing the warmth provided by the gentle morning sun everyday for 15 minutes or having a daily mind-body exercises such as the Solar Body Method to bring your inner body to its optimal temperature can greatly aid in stabilizing your immune system and immediately relieving your allergy symptoms.

Along with sunlight, it is important to stay hydrated. Drinking extra water when experiencing an attack helps the body flush out toxins and foreign invaders and hydrates the lungs. If you are dehydrated, with no fluid to carry the toxins away, it will lead to even more congestion in the sinuses.

Before you reach for that over-the-counter antihistamine, give your body a chance to activate its natural healing power and fight allergy season from within. You may be surprised just how much your body can overcome through mindful action.

Give these natural remedies for allergies a shot and let us know if your symptoms are lessened. Maintaining a strong immune system through mind-body exercise, diet and hydration can help you avoid experiencing many ailments throughout the year. We are infinitely powerful beings! Harness your power and heal your body!
Written by Morgan Garza
Morgan is a free spirit, world traveler and a lover of light. She loves to write about and research our inner healing power to help people realize their true potential. An avid practicer of yoga and meditation, Morgan is continuously evolving. She encourages all of us to follow our dreams by taking that first step into the unknown and truly practices what she preaches.
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Thank you for this helpful article!  I have actually eliminated all of my allergies since I started Body and Brain practices.  But it seems like this year, it feels like there are new allergens my body is still adjusting to--- I will give these natural solutions a go as I prefer not to take any OTC antihistamines.  
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