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Everyday Bliss with Incense

Everyday Bliss with Incense

Written by Kyoungmin Nho, Conscious Product Specialist

“A cup of tea brings ease to the mind. Incense brings peace to the mind.”

They say that in the ancient days in the East, they burned pure herbal incense to clear the mind and allow the beauty of the heart to blossom. This is because it isn’t easy to remain in a bad state of mind when you see the smoke waning and smell the soothing fragrance. I like to start each day reflecting on these words as I light my incense.

I've woken up and am sitting for my meditation as I light another incense for today. I feel thankful to be able to wake up and start another day. This is my time to organize my day’s work, and I envision the people I’m going to see and pray for beauty in their lives.

It feels as though the deep aroma that seeps through my nose awakens all the cells of my body and invigorates me. Sometimes the warmth of a particular incense will envelop my entire body. My favorite incense to burn in the morning is Ja Keum. “Ja Keum” means “most precious gold” or “celestial gold” and has a soft but deep scent. I can see a golden light in my meditation with this incense. Starting my mornings like this brings more meaning to my day and helps me tackle everything that lies ahead with confidence and ease.

When I want time to myself when my body and mind are tired from the day, especially when I’m exhausted from working too much, I sometimes fill the bath with warm water and add a couple drops of essential oil and light Bo Lim incense. It contains Korean Aloeswood and Kobon (Angelica tenuissima Nakai). It harmonizes my energy and relaxes my mind. When the fragrance in the air reaches my nose, it awakens all my body’s cells, comforts my brain and brings forth happiness.

I take this space for myself at times, time just for me to enjoy the fragrance and silence. When I’m happy, I can make others happy as well.

Tips when lighting incense:

  • Use an incense holder or a cup filled with sand to catch the ashes and keep the fire isolated.
  • As you place the incense in the holder, draw a picture in your mind of yourself in this world.
  • When you light the incense, imagine the light of your life force turning on.
  • After you’ve lit it, savor the fragrance that blossoms in the smoke.
  • As you savor the fragrance, let it awaken every single one of your senses and feel it in every inch of your body and in your brain.
  • In order to enjoy the essence of the fragrance, it’s best to place it about 1 meter (3 feet) away.

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The incense available in at ChangeYourEnergy is all made in ancient Korean tradition and is so natural, you can even eat it! Only the highest quality herbs are used and they are untouched by the hands of man. Even the bonding agent is not a chemical but an herbal wood. Because these incense are so natural, it will not give you a headache or overwhelm the senses with strong odor.

Incense is also a great tool to use when you want to cleanse the energy of your office, home or energy body. Smoke has been used since the dawn of time to detox and release any lower vibrational energy that does not serve a purpose in your life.

Written by Kyoungmin Nho
Kyoungmin Nho is the Director of HSP World, a product development and distribution company for natural healing and conscious living.
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