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Activate Your Natural Intelligence

Activate Your Natural Intelligence
It is you—and no one else—who assigns meaning and value to your individual life. No one lives our lives for us. What do you consider valuable in your life, and what will you pursue as you live it? Could anyone else think about and answer these questions for yourself?

You must have your hands on the rudder steering the course of your life. We know this all too well. However living like this is not always easy. Many times, we are swept away by our environment, social systems, all kinds of worldly fashions, concern for the opinions of others, or external information.

It is not through information that you discover your true worth. Just because you read a lot of books and graduated from a good college, just because you have wealth and power, just because you're older does not mean that you will discover your true worth and the real purpose of your life.

The knowledge we acquire in school and the information we obtain from the world is mostly artificial knowledge. True life comes to us through a realization that happens within us, not through artificial knowledge. Then, the true consciousness of mastery over our lives sleeping within us awakens. I call this consciousness "natural intelligence" in the sense that it is activated by an inner awakening and not by artificial knowledge or information crammed into your head by some person or system.

The key to awakening natural intelligence is encountering the life force within you. Your true identity is the life force indwelling you and naturalness itself—not artificial knowledge or information. That is our true central value.

I have been developing and teaching methods for encountering and awakening the life force within for over 35 years. My most recent development, Belly Button Healing, is the simplest yet most effective method that I have come across yet. As countless people are discovering for themselves, Belly Button Healing produces amazing and diverse benefits, including improved energy and blood circulation, promotion of hormone secretion through stimulation of the enteric nervous system, pain relief, deep and stable breathing, enhanced immunity, increased concentration and creativity, and weight loss.

We can glimpse the secret behind Belly Button Healing in Eastern medicine's name for the energy point at the belly button: Shingwol. Shingwol means, "The palace where God dwells." Here, "God" is the God of nature that has always existed inside us, not an artificial god created by humanity; it could be called, "life energy." Belly Button Healing is a way to awaken the life force—the life energy inside you.

When you press and massage your belly button, something starts to revive in you—the sense you had when you were in your mother's womb long ago, unconditionally receiving a supply of life energy through your umbilical cord. As you sense life energy entering your body through your belly button, your breathing becomes very deep and comfortable, and you feel as if you've returned to the time of endless peace and comfort when you received your mother's love in that safe, cozy place. Feelings of stability and unity come to you, a sense that you are interconnected with the life energy of the cosmos and not a separate organism at all.

In this way, the navel is not just an uninteresting vestige of our birth, but a button that activates a wake-up call, arousing our sense of the life energy inside. Just rhythmically pressing your belly button will restore your center, your feeling of connection with life, from which you had been cut off, and will fill your heart with gratitude for the blessings of the massive life energy of the cosmos.

People who have recovered their feeling of connectedness with their life force know that they are nature itself and have found their true value. Such people listen to the inner voice of their true nature instead of the voice of knowledge, ideas, and emotions. Then your natural intelligence, which manifests from the center that is life, starts to operate, and you can become a true creator of life.

Such people don't take their hands off their rudder, allowing themselves to be swept away by the flow of life. They're people who sail forward, with a firm grip, steering the ship of their lives. They choose to do good for themselves, for others, and for the world through a sense of direction and centeredness that comes from natural intelligence. Such people are needed in these times.

An awakening through a connection with your life force is the truest and most powerful beginning. I discovered that secret in the belly button, the very center of our bodies.

Belly Button Healing is an amazing tool that starts you on the path to healing body and mind, developing infinite creativity, and healing the world and the earth. It is for this purpose that I developed the Belly Button Healing wand, Healing Life.

Try pressing your belly button now! Then your once-sleeping sense for life will awaken, and you'll start to connect with all things.
Written by Ilchi Lee
A visionary, educator, author, and founder of ChangeYourEnergy.com, Ilchi Lee has spent nearly three decades helping people create better lives for themselves. Lee has created Body & Brain Yoga, Brain Education, and hundreds of other wellness programs and methods. A model for the self-improvement he teaches, Ilchi Lee is continually changing and continually creative. Keep up with Ilchi Lee on his blog at http://www.ilchi.com.
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Thank you SSN for showing the path inside & teaching the value of innate intelligence. This helps me have confidence in my own instincts, impressions & leanings. I am practicing to use my Dahn Jon as my guide.
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Thank you again, Seuseungnim. When I read your words I feel Truth stir within me. I will practice belly button healing to awaken my natural intelligence and teach others to do this also!
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Thank you for delivery this timeless understanding about our true nature and how to restore our inner knowing to full capacity.
I will share BBH to everyone I meet.
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I have been using the Belly Button healing method for a few months with great results. I am learning to listen to my inner voice---of true nature. Thank you for developing this wonderful healing tool!
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