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Health and Wellness in 2021: How to Channel Your Zodiac Energy for a Happier Year Ahead

Health and Wellness in 2021 How to Channel Your Zodiac Energy for a Happier Year Ahead
2020 was quite the year. Everyone’s Zodiac energies went unbalanced due to the influx of unexpected events, both in the mortal and celestial planes.

As 2021 unfolds before our very eyes, we are all too eager to start all over. What better way to start doing this than through knowing the routines that would perfectly go along with our signs?

Ready to know how you can channel the right cosmic energies? Read on to find out!


As a fiesty and energetic sign, Aries won’t have much problems in hyping themselves up. In fact, you may be bursting with so much energy that you just don’t know the right outlet!

In order to remedy this, find some time in the morning to do work out. A good example would be performing High Intensity Interval Training or HIIT exercises.

This form of exercise requires incredible amounts of energy (which you have). You can also opt to do equally intensive sports such as boxing to release all that tension within you.

Though it may make you physically tired, you will also find yourself feeling a sense of calm and productivity. This is a result of you being able to release your excess energy, leaving only adequate amounts to get you going for the day.


Like a bull trying to stand up groggily after sleeping, Taurus still has to gather its energy when waking up in the morning. You may even be the type of person who would throw a pillow at someone who woke you up abruptly!

A good way to muster your energies is through taking your time as you prepare yourself for the day. Put on some music, brew some coffee and collect yourself before performing your tasks for the day.

Preparing yourself for another day of work is important, too. It would help if you have a bedtime ritual that will ensure that your sleep can qualify as a beauty rest.

This way, you can be sure that you're ready and have enough energy left for you to stand up and face the waking world. Leave out the stress, and carry on with your rest!


The moment Gemini wakes up, the world knows that a lengthy chat is on its way. And you, dear Gemini native, may find yourself wrestling with the strong urge to share everything that has happened to you during the night.

Of course, you must not deny yourself this! In order to get your energies going, find someone whom you can chat with about the things that are going on in your head.

A good way would be checking in on family and friends and catching up on how their sleep was and such. If you live with someone, take the opportunity to socialize through activities such as early morning workout sessions.

But socializing too much with others can wear you down, too. Thus, leave some for yourself and do breathing exercises. This will help you recalibrate your energies in preparation for another day ahead.


Although not necessarily a morning person, Cancer would do their best to get up in the morning. Your morning routine mostly centers on waking early so that you can get on your responsibilities, especially those that require you to take care of others.

But you must not forget self-care too! One of the best ways to get your energies going is by taking a long bath. This will help you stimulate your mind and body and prepare yourself for a long work day ahead.

The stress of your heavy responsibilities may also get to you too. A good way to center your energies is through hydrotherapy, a nod to your being a Water sign as well as your element of healing.

You can also do meditation. This will help you reflect on your daily acts of love, and more importantly, find your energy balance amidst all the chaos you have to endure.


As the diva of the Zodiac, Leo finds waking up in the morning a stressful chore. Your grumpiness is so out of character that it just disturbs the natural flow of your energies!

In order to get your energy flowing, set an easy to follow routine that will help you keep track of your activities for the day. Make sure that it isn’t too heavy, though, or else you would find yourself overwhelmed.

Another effective way of channeling your energy is through engaging in creative pursuits. Whether it is through journaling, painting, or whatever else that you have in mind, these activities can help you balance everything out.

And of course, what kind of Leo energy doesn’t need a bit of self care to flourish? Give yourself some me time; you deserve that, and you know it!


Virgo’s energies are pretty much balanced because of their natural affinity for order. What you are called to do now is simply to maintain it the best way you could.

As expected of your sign, you want to start your day by performing your routines. Keeping it will help you recalibrate your energy every day so that you can always perform your best.

If you haven’t engaged in physical activity, then it is now the perfect time to try it. You can fit it in your daily schedule however you want. Regardless, exercising can help you find equilibrium in your day to day undertakings.

Of course, you may not be sold out on the idea of doing it, but you also need to indulge yourself every once in a while. You can get burnt out by all the responsibilities you handle, and doing some self-care can replenish your mental and physical energy in no time.


Being a morning person, Libra would strive to achieve what it considers as its “perfect morning.” Doing so can help you focus your mind and direct your energies into completion of your day to day tasks.

Having a structured routine can help you channel your energies effectively since it can make you feel like you’re in control. Try creating a morning to-do list which you can do easily and with your full attention.

Keeping yourself hydrated is also a good way to find your balance. As the sign ruling over the kidneys, ensuring good renal function can help you keep your Zodiac energy at its peak.

And of course, what is Libra without being aesthetically conscious? Engage in skin care routines which can help you improve your overall appearance, as well as balance to your body.


Intense energies rule Scorpio’s mind, body, and soul. As such, you need to reorient your energies towards doing things that can make good use of it.

Keep yourself active by shuffling your morning routines. Finding new and exciting ways to start your day can help the tense energies within you to find a sense of calm and purpose.

Your sensuous energies are also quite strong too. These may come to the point of being uncomfortable if you will not be able to release it. Doing some exciting and passionate acts can help you release them- just remember to stay safe!

And of course, what is Scorpio if not rage constantly boiling? To help you ease this intensely negative energy, you can try meditation, particularly the new trend of rage yoga.


Having boundless energy to do something is characteristic of Sagittarius. You may not even need any kind of budging or nagging to get yourself up and running as soon as you wake up!

Doing early morning workout routines can surely help recalibrate Sagittarius’ excitable energy. Through being busy, they can work their minds’ way through the tasks that they need to complete for the day.

Incredibly too, being constantly on the move can help you channel your energies far better than being idle. Do things that can help you feel active and alive so that you can strike a balance within yourself.

However, you must also remember to take things a bit slow. Find time to unwind so that your energy can find a moment of peace so that you can bounce back and perform even better next time.


Being a stickler for keeping things low key and assuming also makes Capricorn’s energy as relatively mild and easy to handle. This will make your handling of your energy relatively stress-free too!

Having a routine can truly help you pull through for the rest of your day. Since it is structured, the energy within you can keep its calm pace as you do your tasks.

However, it is not only work that can help you find balance within yourself. Take some time off and engage into activities such as journaling to help you reconnect with your thoughts and emotions.

Another good way for your energies to keep itself at ease is through listening to music. Play some calming tunes after a long day of hard work to help yourself rest and be ready for another day ahead.


The energy that Aquarius has is quite impressive, since it appears to be almost unlimited. You can then put this energy to good use through doing activities that will help you pumped up every single day!

Routines are not for you, so do whatever you want! Whether you want to cook breakfast right after you wake up, or climb a tree, feel free to let yourself lose- just remember to keep things within the legal limits!

Your energy also favors venturing into the unknown. With this in mind, allow yourself to engage in some of the eccentric things in life such as cosplaying for an entire week to work.

It would be best if you stuck with the principle of “if it feels good, tastes good, then it must be right” in your pursuit of finding equilibrium within you. Who knows what fun things you can integrate in your daily life?


As the sign with the reputation for being chill, Pisces just wants to vibe with everything. You won’t have much problems when channelling your energy as it is already calm as is.

Compared to the other signs and their rather complicated to-do lists, you pretty much have to go with what you think would fit into your vibe. Just remember to follow your heart (and the law) and you’re good to go!
Written by David Thomas
David is a professional writer at Trusted Astrology. With more than 10 years of experience with astrology, David is a trusted resource to help you with astrological analysis and interpretation.
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