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7 Feng Shui Tips for a Peaceful and Prosperous Home

7 Feng Shui Tips for a Peaceful and Prosperous Home
Feng Shui has been used since 4000 BC to help people design their spaces in a way that dictated harmony and peace. The traditional interpretation of the words feng shui is "wind" and "water," which gives you an idea of how this design element relies on the natural flow of a room. If you have thought about using this design idea to give your space some prosperity and peace, have a look at this fantastic article, where we explain the basics of using feng shui for your home.

What is Feng Shui?

Feng Shui is the ancient art of using the design of your home to bring your happiness, health, and wealth by surrounding yourself with items that bring in the correct energy. This is a very simplified version of an ancient practice, but it has become a popular idea within the last few decades, which has led to a modernization of many of the traditional beliefs.

In this article, we'll talk about some of the major points of feng shui, and we'll give you some simple tips you can use to give your home better energy.

Basic Principles of Feng Shui

Many of the basics rely on placing items in certain spots of your home for specific reasons. One great example is the idea of the Commanding Position, which is the practice of placing the thing you spend the most time at in a position where it has full view of the doorway (without being directly in the line of it) to ensure that you are able to see what is coming into the room at all times.

Many feng shui experts will tell you that this practice is derived from ancient times when the idea of an oncoming enemy was imminent, and it gave people a bit less worry about being ambushed if they were facing the door.

The idea of a commanding position seems like it is more for war times, but when you translate it into modern times, it represents the idea of being in front of every challenge and not worrying about what might be sneaking up behind you. If these ideas are important to your lifestyle, you might want to think about what spot your bed and couch are in right now!

Easy Feng Shui Ideas to Use for Prosperity and Peacefulness

One of the main things people have used feng shui for is the idea of bringing more prosperity into the home. You might want to earn a bit more at your job, bring in a nice boost to your business sometime soon, or feel calmer at your home, so consider using feng shui to make these ideas a reality.

1) Declutter your Space and Declutter your Mind

Clutter is one of the major things that can affect your prosperity, so you want to keep the surfaces of your spaces clean. Make an effort to hide things that don't need to be displayed and keep surfaces like countertops as clean as possible. It's said that clutter can become a roadblock to any wealth that's trying to reach you, and clutter-free areas are also better for your stress levels, so this one is a win-win.

2) Find the Wealthiest Space in the Home

Many different experts will tell you how to find your "wealth corner," but the most common way to find it is by standing in the doorway of your home. The room that is furthest from you on your left side will be the wealth corner, and you can add a few things to it to make it work for you. Look at adding some plants to the space (a traditional "money plant" will give you an extra boost) or painting the area purple, which is a color that traditionally represents wealth.

3) Bring in the Elements

We mentioned earlier that the translation for "shui" is "water," so look at different ways you can bring some water into your home. There are tons of different indoor fountains that give you some extra white noise while they work on bringing you peace. Just make sure that the fountain is facing the center of the home to bring in the wealth instead of facing away from home, which can give you the opposite effect.

4) Use the Natural Yang

Yang energy can be brought into many different areas of the home to provide an uplifting feeling and give the space a bit of an energy boost. Plants are well known for being a great source of this type of energy, but oranges are another great option if you want to give the space an energy kick. The color, taste, and smell of an orange put most people in a positive mood, which brings in positive energy. The more positive energy you have in your wealth spaces, the better your wealth energy will work.

5) Open the Door

The front door has always been seen as a portal to your home for feng shui energy, so you want to make sure it is as welcoming as possible. Placing greenery (such as a wreath) on the front door is a great way to guide the natural energy to a place it should be. Painting the door a bright color (such as red or purple) is another way to draw wealth and peaceful energy into the home, and it's also a great way to make your home stand out.

6) Use Color Wisely

There are many bold colors that can bring in different energies for feng shui, but you should stick to using neutral colors if you want your home to have a peaceful feeling. Stick to blue and green tones neutrals for the majority of the home and add pops of lucky colors around the home to give it a good balance. This is the best way to give yourself a good sleep and give your body a calm feeling as you walk through the home.

7) Mirror, Mirror, On the Wall

Mirrors have been associated with feng shui for a long time, and they are one of the most used items when it comes to warding off bad energy. You want to place the mirrors in your home in areas that will constantly reflect the energy out (consider facing it toward the outside instead of facing it towards the center of the home, for example) so that the positive energy can remain inside. Before placing a mirror, consider the type of mirror you're using, the mirror's shape, and its position in the room to make sure you are using the best options for peace or prosperity.

Using feng shui is a great way to make your home design minimal with a purpose, and it's become one of the most popular ways to design communal spaces. You can use one or all of these great tips to make your area feel much better and bring you peace of mind. If you want to go full out, consider hiring a feng shui expert to come into your home and show you what needs to be changed to make the home more harmonious.

Written by Paul Gomes
Paul Gomes is a versatile writer known for his insightful and engaging articles on home, real estate, and the environment. With a passion for these subjects, Paul has established himself as a knowledgeable voice in the industry, offering valuable information and unique perspectives to his readers.  Through his engaging writing style, Paul inspires and empowers homeowners to make informed decisions and create beautiful living spaces.
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