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The Power of Energy Hygiene: Daily Practices for Cleansing and Clearing Your Energetic Space

The Power of Energy Hygiene Daily Practices for Cleansing and Clearing Your Energetic Space
Your energy is a powerful positive force throughout your life. Like any natural resource, it’s so important to treat it with the care and respect it deserves. This isn’t necessarily complex, but it does require some intentional efforts to achieve energy hygiene.

Energy hygiene is effectively about adopting methods that keep your energetic space clean and clear. This involves a combination of actions that help you recognize where there are challenges and empower you to restore yourself. With some daily commitment, you can ensure your energy is positive for you and everyone around you.

Simplify Your Environment

Cleaning your energy each day should begin with a little mindfulness of the space around you. The things we surround ourselves with can have a serious impact emotionally and psychologically. A lot of clutter is not exactly great for clear energy flow and cultivation.

So, why not spend a little time simplifying your space? Look around you and identify what is gumming up the area you’re likely to be spending the most time on that day. It could involve organizing your creative hobby space so you can fully focus on your artistic energies. It might be using noise-canceling headphones to listen to natural rhythms in a workplace that’s awash with city traffic noise.

You may find it useful to lead these efforts with a moment for some mindfulness. Check in with yourself about how you’re feeling in your environment. Are you feeling constricted? This feeling might suggest taking a little time for a walk outside to help you freely expand and release tension. Are you overwhelmed? Perhaps your energy needs you to minimize the excessive stimuli in your vicinity. Listen to yourself. You inherently know what you need to cleanse your energy.

Make Time for Your Interests

Your energy can be a really powerful tool for being productive at home or work. Yet, it’s not necessarily helpful for energy hygiene to fill your life purely with mandatory duties. It can deplete your energy reserves and affect the joy you find in other areas of your life. This is why one daily act to cleanse and restore your energy is to break up the duties with personal interests.

Various things can help here, including:

  • Playing a favorite sport: Physical activity might seem depleting, but when it’s something you enjoy—particularly surrounded by nature where you can benefit from the healing power of the sun—it can be restorative too. You don't necessarily have to play an organized game; you can shoot some solo hoops at the local court or spend an hour at the local climbing wall.

  • Being creative: Creativity is a fantastic energy-cleansing personal interest. It can empower you to direct negative feelings toward positive and healing outcomes. The problem-solving aspects may stimulate your cognitive processes, renewing your energy and drive. Again, even an hour of sketching, writing a haiku, or building a model kit can be beneficial here.

That said, it’s certainly not always easy to find the space to meaningfully engage with your interests. Adopting some strategies to more effectively balance your hobbies and daily life can help ensure you enjoy the benefits. This involves regularly assessing what tasks are taking up most of your day so you can adjust your actions to prioritize the hobby time you’re lacking. If it helps, create a schedule that makes all your tasks visible and slot in moments for hobbies. Learning to occasionally say no to unnecessary work and home requests is also key to making space for the interests that recharge your energy.

Attend to Your Emotional Needs

Your emotions can have both an enriching and muddying effect on your energy hygiene. For example, if you start your day with joy, it will filter into other aspects of your life. Waking up on the wrong side of the bed can drain your energy in ways that influence your perspectives and productivity. Therefore, it’s wise to take daily steps to attend to your emotional needs.

Identifying emotional needs through meditation

Sometimes your emotional needs will be clear as soon as you get up in the morning. In other moments, they can be vaguer. A short meditation session each day so you can sit with, recognize, and acknowledge your emotions can be helpful. This takes some honesty and may well be painful during difficult times. Nevertheless, it enables you to hone in on what feelings you need to navigate, so you can take steps to be kind to yourself in ways that bring your energy back into balance.

Addressing disruptive elements of your personal life

Aspects of your home life can disrupt your emotions and knock on other important parts of your existence. Remember that everything is connected. Indeed, difficult aspects of your personal life can have negative effects on your professional activities, further derailing your energy and piling up on your emotional load. Often, the best way to respond is to take practical steps to address disruptive personal elements, including:

  • Protecting and rebuilding your credit: Personal debt can affect your work life because some employers and business lenders will check credit scores. Not to mention that it might cause significant anxiety. You can address this by regularly paying down debt, sticking to a budget, and paying bills on time.

  • Managing personal stress: Stress can cause emotional turmoil alongside affect your workplace productivity. This tends to create a cycle of tension that’s difficult to break. Implement daily ways to manage stress in your personal life. Reconnecting with nature can help you deal with difficult experiences as well as being a great energy restorer. Listen to some music to disrupt the relentless stress that impacts your emotions.


Cleansing and clearing your energetic space every day helps ensure it continues to be a resource that enriches you holistically. This involves relatively simple and practical steps, from decluttering your environment to addressing debt to relieve stress. However, it’s important to remember that everyone has a unique relationship with their energy. Take the time to explore what actions are particularly beneficial for you and tailor your daily practice to encourage optimal positivity.

Written by Sam Bowman
Sam Bowman has a passion for health and wellness. As a seasoned professional writer, he specializes in topics about people, tech, healthcare and how they merge. In his spare time he likes running, reading, and combining the two in a run to his local bookstore.
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