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Improving Your Game: The Benefits of Warrior Pose

Improving Your Game The Benefits of Warrior Pose
Although it sounds contrary to a yoga practice which advocates non-violence, this warrior pose sequence celebrates the spiritual warrior in all of us. Traditionally, Warrior Pose is comprised of three variations, virabhadrasana I, II & III.

What is Warrior I Pose?

Warrior I is a basic yet vigorous yoga pose that builds heat, regulates breath and gives your leg muscles a real workout; lengthening hamstrings and strengthening ankles for better balance.

Warrior is useful as a grounding pose for yogis of every level, from beginner to advanced, and is also an excellent pose for athletes. Because Warrior I requires deep concentration, you’ll stay in the moment, improve your performance and sharpen your senses. All the better to focus on your moments of glory.

How to Do Warrior I Pose

  1. Stand in Mountain Pose (Tadasana.) While exhaling, step or lightly jump your feet wide apart, 31/2 to 4 feet. Raise both arms straight out from your shoulders, perpendicular to the floor. Rotate your wrists so the pinky side of your hands are turned toward the ceiling. Firm your scapulas against your back and draw them down toward the coccyx.

  2. Turn your left foot in 45 degrees to the right and your right foot out 90 degrees to the right. Align the right heel with the left heel. Exhale and turn your torso to the right, aligning your pelvis with the front edge of your mat. As you pivot your left hip, press your left heel into the mat. Lengthen your spine dowward, and arch your upper back slightly.

  3. With your left heel firmly in place, exhale and bend your right knee over the right ankle, making your shin perpendicular to the floor. If you can, lower your right thigh parallel to the floor.

  4. Reach your arms way up to the sky, lifting your rib cage and creating space in the pelvis. As you press your back foot into the floor, bring your palms together, pressing against them firmly. Again, reach a little higher, with the pinky-sides of your hands facing the sky. Hold the pose for 30 to 60 seconds.

  5. To repeat on your left side, inhale, press the back heel firmly into the floor and reach up through the arms, straightening the right knee. Turn the feet forward and release the arms with an exhalation. Take a few breaths, then turn the feet to the left and repeat for the same length. When you're finished return to Tadasana.

  6. Return to Tadasana.

  7. Warrior Pose Benefits

Warrior Pose Benefits

  • Strengthens shoulders, arms, legs, ankles and back
  • Opens hips, chest and lungs
  • Improves focus, balance and stability
  • Develops balance and stability
  • Increases circulation and helps breathing
  • Stretches arms, legs, shoulders and neck
  • Strengthens ankles and knees
Written by Kim Alyce Steffgen
With a background in journalism and marketing communications, Kim's wordsmithing reflects a love of language that brings spice to many ads, articles, banners, and videos. To that spice she adds her passion for herbs, plants and alternative health.
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