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Creative Life Management with Ilchi Lee
Live Class

by Ilchi Lee
Creative Life Management with Ilchi Lee
  • 6 chapters, 45 sessions
    (Total duration: 9 hrs 19 mins)
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We have compiled powerful snippets of Ilchi Lee's various lectures and interviews from around the world. Chapters include Energy Mastery, The Universal Energy of Love, Life Purpose, The Alchemy of Emotions, Becoming a Power Brain, and Bettering Humanity and the Earth. Ilchi Lee talks on how to manage your life creatively by tapping into, and amplifying, your infinite energy source within.

Course Overview

    Chapter 1: Energy Mastery


  1. Manage Your Energy to Master Your Life: You have greatness within, says Ilchi Lee. Managing your energy wisely gives you the power to harness that greatness. Listen in, as Ilchi Lee explains the concept and how to have a happier life.
  2. Brainwave Vibration for Healing & Strength: After a horse riding accident, Ilchi Lee found himself stuck in a bedridden state. Rather than undergo surgery, he got creative. With limited movement, he discovered that he could create vibration energy throughout his entire body. Using this new method, without surgery, he was up and active within one month.
  3. Benefits of Energy Management: You are energy! Utilize yourself more effectively to enjoy a better life. Ilchi Lee talks about energy life-force and how Dahn Yoga and Brain Education are they way to turn the energy circuits on. Energy Minute: Be an Energy Manager
  4. Good Posture = A Happy Brain: Meditation expert Ilchi Lee tells how to change your posture to create a healthier, happier brain. Energy Minute: Good Posture, Happy Brain
  5. Developing a Personal Meditation Practice: Discover your value through the unique story of your own experience. Ilchi Lee talks about the personal value of meditation and how the many forms it takes throughout daily life imparts valuable information to the individual. - Meditation for Daily Living: Personal Meditation Practice
  6. Finding Meditation in Daily Activities: Meditation is part of living, yet many people do not realize that every skill or practice, such as swimming, employs the same mental functions as meditation. In this clip of a lecture he gave at the Sedona Meditation Center in Sedona, Arizona, Ilchi Lee talks about the infinitely greater value of experiential knowing over striving to fully understand meditation theory. - Meditation for Daily Living: We Are All Meditators
  7. Straighten Your Spine to Uplift Your LIfe: Learn how to uplift your spirit and improve your health with a positive posture. Ilchi Lee talks about the physiological and psychological effects and benefits of an aligned, straight posture. - Energy Talks: Straighten Your Spine, Uplift Your Life
  8. Asking Your Brain for Change: Change for the better can be quick, easy and fun! That's the message Ilchi Lee delivers to an eager audience at Regal Cinemas at the Los Angeles premiere of "Change," his new film about personal transformation.
  9. The Power of Conscious Vibration: Vibration is a constant and natural state in our physical bodies and even in the earth itself. Ilchi Lee talks about the healthful advantages of perpetual brain wave motion, and how the unconscious movement of vibration is the perfect way to enter into a meditative state. - Get Good Vibes to Go Deep
  10. Optimize Your Energy: Posture can effect everything from how your body feels to how other people perceive your personality. Realign your body and mind for optimal energy with the Ilchi Position. Life energy expert, Ilchi Lee, demonstrates this simple, yet powerful technique in Washington, D.C.
  11. Human Development & Using the LifeParticle Card: In this clip from his The Call of Sedona book tour held at UCLA, Covel Commons, Los Angeles, CA, Ilchi Lee talks about gaining a better understanding of your LifeParticle Card to develop a closer relationship with yourself. Ilchi Lee talks about the usefulness of the LifeParticle Card and how beneficial it can be for your meditation practice. - The Call of Sedona Book Tour: Human Development and the LifeParticle Card
  12. Finding Creativity & Versatility in Life: All matter, people, and things are in a constantly changing state. Nothing is static. Therefore, within each and every moment, objects and situations hold the potential for creativity and versatility. Ilchi Lee, in a beautiful choreography with his yulyeobong, illustrates his point. - Ilchi Lee on Human Potential & Versatility
  13. The Power of the LifeParticle Card: The LifeParticle Card makes it possible to transmit and receive positive life energy. Much the same way electronic devices, like a cell phone, transmit information, Ilchi Lee says LifeParticle meditation can bring happiness to your life. - Wisdom Moment: Telecommunicate with LifeParticles
  14. Self-Love to Reach Your Highest Potential: Good life energy begins with self respect, says Ilchi Lee, an expert in energy meditation and self-development. When you manage yourself well, you can tap into infinite creative power. Affirm your self love and remember to manage and operate your energy from your highest good with this Energy Talks video clip. - Energy Minute: Managing Your Life Energy
  15. Understanding the 5 senses: Ilchi Lee talks about the 5 senses in both humans and animals. Learn how external stimuli, hormones, and stress change our brain waves, energy, and physical body--and the one unique thing that makes us different from animals.

    Chapter 2: The Universal Energy of Love


  17. Compassionate Self Talk: To have good relationships with others one must first have a good relationship with self. Trust, confidence, self love. All are crucial ingredients for successful, happy relationships with others. In this Wisdom Talk moment, Ilchi Lee talks about self compassion and how to kindle it in ourselves. - Compassionate Self Talk Key to Communicating with Others
  18. Combating Loneliness by Creating Love: Ilchi Lee offers wisdom and comfort to those who experience loneliness even as they are actively seeking love and loving relationships. A clip from LifeParticle Wisdom Conversations - Essential Lessons on Love. - Wisdom Moment: Lonely for Love
  19. Universal Love: Ilchi Lee answers the question about how to discern the many meanings of love in context of the universal energy of love. A clip from LifeParticle Wisdom Conversations - Essential Lessons on Love. - Wisdom Moment: Universal Love
  20. What if "True Love": To experience true love, says meditation expert Ilchi Lee, one must discover one's own true worth and discover the divinity within. A clip from LifeParticle Wisdom Conversations - Essential Lessons on Love. - Wisdom Moment: What is True Love

    Chapter 3: Life Purpose


  22. Discovering Human Value: Pointing out the differences in self-awareness between human beings and animals, Ilchi Lee discusses the human condition of constantly seeking self identity and valuation. We can use meditation to reveal our true human value within. Horses Don't Have Bad Hair Days! Discovering Human Value
  23. How LifeParticle Meditation Reflects Spiritual Energy: LifeParticle Cards both contain and reflect the user's spiritual energy. Although meditation is relaxing and simple, achieving a state of true meditation is often quite difficult for the modern day person. LifeParticle Cards are a tool that helps one focus, breathe in beauty, and jump start the meditation process. Watch and see why!
  24. Discover Your Life's Purpose: In this interview, Brain Education developer and meditation expert Ilchi Lee says the healthiest and happiest state of mind is when it is at zero point. Take off your colored glasses and recover a pure mind to discover your life purpose, and then act on that purpose to express your high life value. According to Lee, then you'll see changes in yourself and society, and find hope and joy. - For True Mental Health: Recover a Pure Mind and Live a Life of Meaning and Purpose
  25. Does Boredom Fuel Fear?: Ilchi Lee delivers a heartfelt, enlightening message about the most pressing concerns human beings face today. In this modern age of technology, boredom is a bigger threat than the saber-toothed tiger. Today, mankind's biggest fear is lack of purpose or usefulness, and social isolation. Learn how the mind feeds this fear and why meditation is the key to health. - Energy Talks: Modern Day Fears. Does Boredom Block Human Development?
  26. Staying in Touch with Your Soul: In his new book, Bird of the Soul, Ilchi Lee shares the story of Jay, a young man who had all he wanted in life but was still lonely and empty. Then one day, deep in thought, he hears the voice of his soul and rediscovers the magic he knew as a youth. This is an excerpt from a talk at Yavapai College.
  27. Ignite Your Self Confidence: New York Times bestselling author and meditation and breathing guru, Ilchi Lee, gives advice on how to overcome a loss of self-confidence to obtain their goals. In this "Living Wisdom" broadcast, Lee explains a simple healing process that can help anyone feel their innate value of greatness and hope for their lives. He shares his own struggles with self-confidence and invites Dahn Yoga Center manager Seungja Kim to share hers as well. - Living Wisdom with Ilchi Lee: Inspiration and Simple Tips for Self-Confidence
  28. Your Life is Your Masterpiece: Just like a beautiful choreography of dance, music, and movement, you can move your thoughts in any direction you choose. It just takes training and confidence in yourself! Ilchi Lee talks about LifeParticle meditation training and human development. Wisdom Moment: Turn Your Life into a Masterpiece

    Chapter 4: The Alchemy of Emotions


  30. Release Negative Emotions: Repetitive thoughts can keep us trapped in a negative cycle that prevents us from breaking free and moving forward. Ilchi Lee offers some thoughts on how to make subtle yet effective changes to our thought patterns. - Break Your Chains and Move in a New Direction
  31. How to Manage Bad Memories: In the serenity of Oak Creek and Cathedral Rock, meditation guru Ilchi Lee offers some pearls of wisdom about emotional pain and how to recognize your true self to release relentlessly negative messages in your brain. - Wisdom Talks: Emotional Freedom
  32. Letting Go - Find Your True Self: In the serene setting of Oak Creek and Cathedral Rock, Ilchi Lee tells us how to release negative emotions and re-record painful memories with positive, flowing thoughts. - It Is Possible: Release Negative Emotions to Find Your True Self
  33. Reclaim Your Personal Power: Find satisfaction in any job or work environment by learning to make your work, work for you. This simple change in perspective can mean a world of difference in helping you find meaning and fulfillment in your working life, while regaining your own personal power.
  34. Creative Power - You are the Observer: A soul that recognizes itself holds infinite power to create and live a great life. In this clip from his The Call of Sedona book tour talk at UCLA, Covel Commons, Los Angeles, CA, Ilchi Lee talks about consciousness, LifeParticles, and the Observer within us. Creative Power: You are the Observer.
  35. Give Your Brain What it Craves: Success. Accomplishment. Appreciation. We crave these feelings. In Las Vegas, Nevada, Ilchi Lee teaches an excited audience how to choose the positive energy our brains crave while releasing the stagnant energy that comes from negative emotions.
  36. Straight to the Source of Happiness: Go straight to the source of happiness! llchi Lee tells us how powerfully effective, easy, and fun it is to feel the vibe and attain absolute emotional freedom by meditating with LifeParticles. Feel, sense, and raise your consciousness with LifeParticle vibration. - Wisdom Talks: Get Happy with LifeParticle Vibration
  37. Take Control of Your Emotions: Emotions are like the weather, says Ilchi Lee. And, just as one knows how to prepare for and manage the weather, so can one learn to adapt to and manage their emotions. Meditation can be like the umbrella for your emotional downpours.

    Chapter 5: Becoming a Power Brain


  39. Master Your Brain for Health & Happiness: Ilchi Lee, author of The Solar Body book and Brain Education founder, talks about using the brain's potential to achieve lasting health, happiness and inner peace at his book signing and lecture at the Creative Life Center in Sedona, Arizona.
  40. The Future of Teaching and Learning: Ilchi Lee and education professor Dr. Mariale Hardiman talk about their hopes for a new teaching and academic model in the future. Citing his own ADHD, Ilchi Lee's learning struggles and academic failures became the catalyst for founding Brain Education.
  41. Peace on Earth and Human Potential: The best way to make the world a better place, says Ilchi Lee, is to master your own brain. In this heartfelt video, he talks about his earlier struggles with his self esteem and how slowing down to focus on his own development resulted in one of the greatest discoveries about the brain and the human condition.

    Chapter 6: Bettering Humanity and the Earth


  43. The Earth Citizen Village in New Zealand: Ilchi Lee has been conducting meditation tours in New Zealand to help people connect with their inner nature by connecting with the nature around them. In the process, he is building an Earth Village there where people can live and train in harmony with each other and the earth. He explains his deeper reasons for this in an interview with Change TV from South Korea.
  44. Ilchi Lee Talks to the United Nations - Brain Education: In Geneva, Switzerland, Ilchi Lee, founder and president of the International Brain Education Association (IBREA), a UN-accredited non-governmental organization, delivered a speech to a panel on Poverty & Welfare. The main goal of IBREA is to spread education programs for holistic brain development. In this speech, Ilchi Lee reveals that the human brain has an innate desire to be happy, healthy and peaceful.
  45. Our Relationship with Ourselves and the Earth: Every year Earth Day inspires a great deal of humanitarian activity. Meditation Expert Ilchi Lee reminds us that our true humanitarian nature is based on our relationship with ourselves. He encourages us to get to know ourselves and get to know the Earth. Awareness can be the basis of a deeper relationship. Join the talk and be inspired to have trust, faith and belief in yourself!
  46. Healing the Environment with the Power of Choice: Earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, environmental crises. What does the future hold for 2013? During his Washington, D.C. stop on his summer book tour for the New York Times bestseller, The Call of Sedona, Ilchi Lee talks about the power of self value and Brain Education. Behind it all, he explains, people have the power of choice. If every human being understood his own value, and how inextricably we are connected to the earth, we would make choices that create a better future. A powerfully relevant and useful message that we can apply to whatever disasters, natural or manmade, the future may hold. Due to the popularity of this video, we have kept it on the website past the originally advertised November 13 - 14, 2012 broadcast date. Thank you for your support.
  47. Meditation in the Modern Age: Ilchi Lee talks about traditional spiritual meditation and why LifeParticles and the LifeParticle Card are the most effective meditation tools for our modern age.
  48. Balancing the Material and Spiritual: Ilchi Lee discusses the challenges of civilization we and our planet are facing today. He talks about ways to approach these challenges and urges people to pay wise attention to regaining harmony and balance between humanity and nature. - Energy Talks: Balancing the Material and Spiritual
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Ilchi Lee
Ilchi Lee
A visionary, educator, author, and founder of ChangeYourEnergy.com, Ilchi Lee has spent nearly three decades helping people create better lives for themselves. Lee has created Body & Brain Yoga, Brain Education, and hundreds of other we more >
A visionary, educator, author, and founder of ChangeYourEnergy.com, Ilchi Lee has spent nearly three decades helping people create better lives for themselves. Lee has created Body & Brain Yoga, Brain Education, and hundreds of other wellness programs and methods. A model for the self-improvement he teaches, Ilchi Lee is continually changing and continually creative. Keep up with Ilchi Lee on his blog at www.ilchi.com.
Creative Life Management with Ilchi Lee - Ilchi Lee
  • 6 chapters, 45 sessions
    (Total duration: 9 hrs 19 mins)
  • Unlimited access to all online streaming videos
  • Unconditional 30-day money back guarantee
  • Certificate available upon course completion
  • 30% Off for Premium members
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