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All body meridian “trade routes” pass through the trunk and spine with vital messages and services to maintain your healthy life force. When they are temporarily impassable, your body feels the negative consequences. That’s why it’s so important to lengthen your spine, tone your core and align your skeletal muscles. Deep stretching does just that.

The process may not seem to have as much merit as the end result, but here the process IS the end result. Each seemingly insignificant stretch, bounce tap or shake instantly communicates with the internal organs along meridian lines, dotted with hundreds of acupressure points.

This series of Kigong classes is a simple and wise way to “connect the dots” and restore the body’s natural life force through an ancient Asian practice of combined movements, breathing, postures and meditation. There are new and familiar, repeated exercises in each class.

These Kigong classes also include both moving and still meditations, so you will be able to reap the benefits of your physical exertions by meditating well. Enjoy!

Course Overview

You will learn a wide range of postures and movements which stimulate the optimal flow and accumulation of energy in your body, enabling you to successfully relieve stress and blocks to tranquility.

  1. Expand Your Energy with KiGong
    Strengthen your immune system, improve metabolism and detoxify with optimal body temperature.
  2. KiGong Rhythm and Energy Flow
    When your respiration, heartbeat and circulation is strong, you can cope with stress better.
  3. Refresh and Recharge
    Stretching and deep breathing brings oxygen, synovial fluid and blood to for improved range of motion to stiff joints.
  4. KiGong and Stretching
    Boosts cardiovascular health and release endorphins for lasting energy throughout the day.
  5. Create Space and Release Stress
    This class returns to the Phoenix and Sleeping Dragon introduced in the first class, but spends more time on them. Now that you’ve tried a wide range of exercises, it introduces a few more, which you may not have experienced yet, such as jumping, hip bouncing, squatting twists and stretching while seated on your heels. Generous time is also devoted to a moving, rhythmic meditation and a still and quiet meditation while lying with eyes closed.
  6. Qi Energy Dance & Play
    Improve your circulation and align your body with this gentle, easy paced class that gets your Qi flowing. Hanwoori helps you have a deep, sensory experience with slow qigong moves, Toe Tapping and long-held poses such as Monkey Posture and Ilchi Pose to engage your core and put you in touch with your own healing energy.
  7. Play with Space & Qi
    Play with space and Qi with this gentle, easy paced class that draws you into your core for a power-full sensory experience. Deep, slow stretches, and standing and lying poses such as Sleeping Tiger and Cobra Pose combine qigong movement to help you gather energy toward your Dahn-jon and tune in to your subtle body.
  8. Kigong for the Spirit: Feel the Energy
    This concluding video in the series presents standing squats, seated intestinal exercises, steady and strong dahn jon tapping, followed by the use of magnets to amplify the energy field, Dahn Mu energy “dance” and meditation.
  1. Lengthen spine, tone core and align skeletal muscles
  2. Restore the body’s natural life force
  3. Stimulate the optimal flow and accumulation of energy in your body
  4. Relieve stress and blocks to tranquility
  5. Awaken your chakras through rhythmic movement
  6. Build up energy by heating up your core
  7. Release thoughts and worries by cooling down the energy flow in your head
  8. Improve joint flexibility to eliminate blocks in the energy meridians
  9. Generate a detectable personal ball of energy
  10. Improve receptivity to healing and healthy messages while meditating with slower brain waves
  11. Practice scanning your body for energy blocks
  12. Feel alert and refreshed
double quote
It may seem trivial, but I liked how the Instructor always kept a smile on his face and seemed to be a nice person.
— Ambur Hsiao
double quote
Although I have taken Qi Gong classes before, I see that there are a lot of little things in our body which need to be tweaked often, if not every day. I guess if you don’t use it you lose it, so thank you!
— Ines DeCastor
double quote
This series wasn’t too hard for me, but it was hard enough. There were times when I couldn’t quite keep up, but I mostly just followed along. I liked it when there were a few new exercises in each class which were next to some ones we did before.
— Franklin Hughes
double quote
I had my hips replaced about three year ago, but I really liked how the stretches felt which specifically opened up my hip joints! I see that it helps to move around more and I felt safe in following the teacher’s guidance. In fact, the meditations seemed to trigger some kind of healing.
— Celeste Steinman
Table of Contents
 1. Deep Stretch with Hanwoori
 Expand Your Energy with Qigong

 Expand Your Energy with Qigong

 Qigong Rhythm & Energy Flow
 Refresh and Recharge
 Qigong and Stretching
 Create Space & Release Stress
 Qi Energy Dance & Play
 Play with Space & Qi
 Vibration Sensation Training
 Power Up Your Dahn-jon
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Meet your trainer
Hanwoori Korbelik
Hanwoori Korbelik
Hanwoori has been practicing y more >
Hanwoori has been practicing yoga for over six years and teaching for the past four and a half years. Dahn yoga helped him deal with high anxiety and stress levels when many other methods failed. He is currently the manager of the Scottsdale Body and Brain Center just outside of Phoenix, AZ.
Comment List
Stanika Marinkovic
Stanika Marinkovic
Dec 9, 2015
“After the work out I feel more awake, I feel the energy flowing through my body. I also feel my joints opening and releasing becoming more flexible. Wonderful workout. Thank you!”
Deep Stretch with Hanwoori
Instructed by Hanwoori Korbelik
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w/ Premium Membership

  • 1 chapter, 9 sessions
    (Total duration: 9 Hours and 56 mins)
  • All videos, audio mp3s are downloadable.
  • Unlimited access to all online streaming videos
  • Unconditional 30-day money back guarantee
  • Certificate available upon course completion
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