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One Minute to Change Your Life
One Minute to Change Your Life
We’re excited to announce the official launch of One Minute Change!

One Minute Change is a movement started by the creator of Change Your Energy, Ilchi Lee. The idea is to take a break from your routine for just one minute every hour to reconnect with your body and mind through mindful exercise. Lee created One Minute Change as a solution to the rampant disconnect that modern-day people have with their own bodies, each other, and the world.

We naturally crave genuine connection as human beings, and Lee believes that this can be accomplished when one has made a genuine connection (first and foremost) with oneself. One Minute Change is an opportunity to break the cycle of routine at every hour to commit one minute to loving your body and mind. We recommend doing one minute exercises 10 times a day to make 10 opportunities to practice self-love and mindful exercise. These types of short, focused exercises create an internal environment that stabilizes brain waves and rebalances the body to operate normally. A body working in harmony naturally produces an increase in body temperature and immunity to keep you strong, healthy, and full of vital energy.

To make the One Minute Change experience easier for everyone, we’ve created an app that alerts you every hour and also guides you through an exercise depending on your goals. The app is currently only available on Google Play, but the iOS App Store version is set to release in mid-October.

All it takes is one minute to change your life—your relationship with your own body and mind. A shift with your own relationship is bound to ripple an effect on many other interpersonal relationships that you hold dear to you. We hope you enjoy the app and our One Minute Change experience. We’re right here with you!

Written by Linda Suh
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help! Downloaded APP, the intro plays for each type of exercise, but nothing happens afterward when there is supposed to be a guided exercise to do...no exercise shows up.
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Hello Jean, what is your device operating system and version? Android or iOS?
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Positive transformations for body, mind and soul
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